Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s NPCs are literally Miis, modder confirms

It seems that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s character modeling actually does comply with Nintendo’s Mii format. This implies an enterprising modder has discovered a option to get NPCs to appear to be particular Miis.

Twitter consumer @HEYimHeroic, who has assiduously cataloged greater than 100 official Miis on their Mii Library website, found over the weekend that Breath of the Wild NPCs “use a sophisticated model of the Mii format” known as UMii. “UMiis have virtually all the identical parameters as Wii U/3DS Miis, with a couple of minor variations right here and there,” Alice wrote on Reddit on Monday.

For the document, there has lengthy been hypothesis (because the recreation’s 2017 launch) that Breath of the Wild resorted to the Mii format to construct NPCs to populate the sport’s huge open world. Alice’s work confirms it, and in addition reveals that Miis could be straight imported into the sport.

Clearly, the artwork type of a Mii and the characters in Breath of the Wild is kind of completely different; however the two use basically the identical attributes and parameters. It’s a handy method for the sport to generate distinctive NPCs at a big scale. The modder discovered what their Mii would appear to be in Breath of the Wild, although the sport transformed the Mii’s coiffure (which was not one of many Breath of the Wild hair choices) into one that’s supported. (Hats and different headwear are likewise simply transformed into completely different hairstyles, too.)

@HEYimHeroic credit the Breath of the Wild modding Discord with quite a lot of help, particularly in testing and offering screenshots of the conversions from Mii to recreation.

Importing Miis to Breath of the Wild isn’t essentially laborious nevertheless it does require a modded Nintendo Swap, or Wii U, after which extracting and modifying a UMii file from the sport to take the identical attributes because the Mii file. It’s additionally changing a selected NPC, so that you’d have to search out the place they’re and go to them on the earth to see for your self.

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