Will Rockstar Video games NERF the CAYO PERICO HEIST in GTA On-line?

On this video I speak about if Rockstar Video games will NERF the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA On-line? What do you suppose will occur? Heyooo! I’m Tylarious, I’m a …

32 thoughts on “Will Rockstar Video games NERF the CAYO PERICO HEIST in GTA On-line?

  1. Ive read some really good ideas to make the Cayo Perico Heist more balanced like making it more like the casino heist where you must use a different entry approach ie S&S/Big Con and also some good arguments against nerfing the heist mainly just the neglect from rockstar to fix certain glitches. All really good points guys, good job in the comments keeping it civil…. for the most part lol. GG

    Btw if you think rockstar is going to see this video dont think they wont venture down into the comments. Keep the conversation going!

  2. Cayo Perico is not "easy". It's solo and it's making the real gamers shine who don't have to rely on fucking idiots while doing a heist.

  3. If they nerf this heist into the ground then its back to the casino for another year.

    There's so much great content in this game that pays jack shit. Old businesses, old heists, regular jobs, it all pays terribly. Like you said, Rockstar definitely won't buff the pay on all of this older content but I really wish they would so we could make money by playing more content than just Cayo Perico, casino heists, nightclub, and maybe bunker.

  4. Hey man, I understand where you're coming from and that you just want the game to be balanced, however you gotta understand that a lot of gta player base (myself included) are just people who want to cope with real life 'ish' and play for an hour or so and deal with whatever it is that they have to deal with so we don't have enough time or patience to grind just so that we can afford A really nice super car or smth and this heist in particular is the closest thing that we have to making a decent amount of money to enjoy the game for a bit and move on with our day, if it's nerfed however we would be obligated to buy a 'ish' ton of shark cards to fully enjoy the game and the majority of us can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a video game…

  5. I don't think this guy understands casual players. Which I would say is most of players.. They come back when there is something new to do this makes it easier for casual players to earn money and buy stuff which keeps them playing more! This is what it's all about for rockstar….I kinda feel your a little jealous that you've spent so long buying businesses and grinding money that now 7 (yeah 7) years later casual players now get a chance to make some money and enjoy the game that you've been playing for the last 7 years. The hiest is perfect as is.

  6. If the issue is people making money too fast there is a simple way they could nerf it without nerfing any of the elements of the game play. As you know when you complete a heist Pavel sends you a message about how Rubio is on alert and he'll notify you when Rubio calms down and gets some new loot. Well that period of time is maybe about 5-10 minutes. After that if you start a new heist within an hour you get to play it in hard mode which gives you a bonus. All they need to do is increase the cool down such that you can only do it once or twice a day. If they just reduce the payout, as long as it pays more then any other method people will just do it more. If the goal is get people to do the other businesses then reduce how often people can do the heist and people will run their businesses during the cool down period. If they reduce the payout to where it's equal to or less then other businesses then people will just stop doing the heist after a couple of tries and go back to the businesses that they much more used to. If that happens then what's the point of even having Cayo Perico in the game?

  7. Time to unsubscribe this fucker did not expect this tucking idiot up on till this video I loved ur videos time to say by tucker

  8. It doesn't make other businesses irrelevant but now there's an option of how you'd like to grind, I'm a rank 513 grinder with a net worth of 800m or so and I really like the heist the way it is, it's a way of making good money without having to drive a slow van back and forth

  9. Bruh this is gta the aim of the game is to be the most successful criminal not the best delivery driver imo its a blessing they added this heist cause now you got 2 very good heists cayo for solo players and casino for team players

  10. Ok you can get about two million or more it depends what’s is in the vault to split with your friend or friends you can even get up to 1.6m if you give your self a big cut and the cayo perico you can get up to 1.8m until the panther comes out those two are very good ways to make money even in the casino if your cut was like 60% or 70% you can get 1.2m ok look a lot of people came back just for the cayo perico heist because not everyone has friends to play with all the time or have fans to play with them I see if this thing gets nerfed people will leave the game again because the game was not solo friendly until this heist came out all the other businesses it’s hard to sell everything solo except for nightclub I guess for me I don’t have any friends to play with so the only thing that I think of to make the cayo perico heist solo friendly but better to play with friends is to make the gold come more and make worth more and make take 50% of the bag or 25% and make the painting worth more except the paintings in the office and remove cash from the compound so that place contains only gold and paintings

  11. What’s even more ridiculous is if you have two characters and you run these heists, switching back and forth. I’m a money grinder, so I will always run my businesses, realistically, now with this heist… only if it’s double money.

  12. if the items in the game weren't so expensive, an active 1 hr grind for 1M+ would've been really op. Maybe they should make the payout 3-4 player sessions more worthwhile, like the casino heist.

  13. At this point I hope it gets nerfed just to piss off all the whiny babies who play this game. “I don’t have 7-8 hours to grind a million in this game” (bs 7-8 b4 cayo you should at least clear 4 million if you are paying attention to a single decent money guide)… “I don’t have friends”… and who’s fault is that…. “I kept getting griefed” join a crew, go to a gta discord community, public solo mtu… all solutions to the griefing problem. Please Nerf it please so they can all go back to playing fortnite.

  14. fack you rookstar made by the end done it good for other player that don't have friends or playing with stuped player the wet yr time by mistk and destroy your time fack you hop your chanal youtube stop f y I wash all heist have solo and also all heist can be played solo too

  15. They should buff the other businesses instead. 95% of the activities in this game don't give you good money. Also they should increase the value of gold in the perico heist. This is only accessable for multiple players so you don't get punished for playing with friends.

  16. Heist def should not be nerfed in terms of payout, though if it were to be balanced more, the delay in starting the heist again after completing it would be alot better. It only takes like 5 minutes max to start the heist again after you finish it, if that were extended to like 30 minutes then it could be combined with other grinding methods such as import export, crates etc. to vary the gameplay and give longevity.

  17. The thing is you can benefit with friends as if you have 2 players you can just get all the gold in the compound and if you have more you just collect all of the secondary targets

  18. I don’t want the nerf. I don’t want to go back to driving a mother f***ing post op van or risk getting killed trying to sell my bunker. I am currently working on research for my bunker. ITS 10MILLION TO BUY EVERYTHING!! I don’t want to go back to mindlessly sourcing crates 4-7 hours a day to get my stuff full WAITING for a 2x crates. I’m tired of being so damn broke because of how expensive the stuff in this game is and being punished for not treating this game like a job in order to have fun. A motherfucking go-kart is 900K. The updates nowadays are utter horseshit and my level 600-700 friends are wondering why I don’t play the game as much anymore. In conclusion, this update is fine, for solo players especially. They don’t need to nerf it because I have been having a fun time actually affording shit that I want, newer/broke players need this update so they can have fun. That’s the point of a game. I don’t want to wake up in the morning and go “Alright, I need to source crates, do casino heist, check up on bunker, find people to help me sell my mc stuff, get some cars to sell tomorrow, buy this upgrade with all the money I earned, kill mysel-“. It sucks, it sucks to treat this game as a to-do list in order for me to get some fun out of it for a day. I don’t care if this update makes businesses pretty much useless. We have been playing post man patsey and garbage simulator for years now. We needed a change in money making for the massive prices that rockstar keeps implementing and we finally got it.

  19. Don't get me wrong I like tylarious but wtf. The only reason he is saying this is because he knows now not many people are gonna watch is money making videos because this heist is way better then any business at making easy money. He makes videos to help us make money in the game but as soon as a good dlc like this comes out thats the best at making good money solo he hates it and wants it nerfed. Just goes to show he's not really for us he just wants views. He has a lot of money and friends to help with business most people don't. Just like the other video he made saying how grinders need griffers wtf. Its almost as if he's promoting griffing like its a good thing

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