When In Rome

When Beth, an unlucky-in-love New York curator (Kristin Bell), takes a whirlwind journey to Rome for her sister’s wedding ceremony, an sudden crush takes her without warning.

10 thoughts on “When In Rome

  1. Pretty typical of Kristen Bell's movies since she got married & of course he's in this movie! It was worth a few laughs & it was free so I think it was worth watching, lol!

  2. I just realized that all the movies that are shown here are on Amazon Prime's streaming service. I don't know how that works. You have to pay to watch on Amazon Prime, but this channel is showing movies for free with ads on YouTube. Anyway, fun fact the man that is full of himself and likes his muscles and at the end the main lady says she will miss him the least. The actors are married in real life.

  3. Typical stupid hollywood. Ex waits to make when there is many of people around so that the camera's have something to shoot.

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