what i discovered on the web #61

Welcome to Over Doses Of Web, I hope you loved this episode of What i discovered on The INTERNET. quickly too begin ” Movies I discovered on Reddit ” ” Movies …

19 thoughts on “what i discovered on the web #61

  1. Hello my friend . I love your content very very much. And I came to this channel to ask you. please help me . Because I ask a lot of people and they don't answer me. I want to create content like your channel, but in a different language and somewhat good content. And I want to help you. Please tell me the secret and how to avoid copyright and copyright or property rights, and not to inform the channel from someone and then close it. Please you are the only person who can help me because I want to create content in a different language somewhere in this world. I will be very grateful to you

  2. Ok I love the thumbnail because it is true for me
    I am Russian and now this channel is now Russian Approved the biggest honour give to you i hope you have a good day

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