What I discovered on the web #1


I discovered these movies on the web and I gave some edits to some movies,
so I’m not the rightful proprietor of those movies.
However if you happen to see adverts on this video…
It implies that somebody has made a copyright declare on this video.

And listed here are the credit from the movies that I’ve used.
However bear in mind I can not assure whether or not they’re the rightful house owners of the movies
I’ve to take away all of the hyperlinks as a result of I do not wish to get into bother with the youtube system

Credit :
foot shaving cream – @vineet10
Diving – @Barstool Sports activities
Massive Eplosion – @forfun
Simply normal cat issues – @imgur
Cute cow – @weibo
Kawasaki bikecycle – @maswanz
Barking canine – @Jimmy Arreola
Joking at work#1 – @twimg
Canine Has The Coolest Sense Of Style – @Viralsnare
Humorous fall of a younger skateboarder – @Zagony
Dancer Canine Has Acquired The Strikes – @Viralsnare
plumber takes a tumble right into a buyer’s hedge – @DeadlinenewsTV
the canine ran within the hallway – @tovarovedas
AAAA aaaa AAAA !!! – @We Are Disneyland
To guard and serve – @cctv_idiots
Cow Walks With Its Head Shoved In A Plastic Bucket – @Viralsnare
shocked cow – @weibo.com
Fell into the river – @BRustomjee
Canine.exe error [email protected]
BANZAI !!! – @imgur
Cat – @GorditosGatitos
Mother ! – @twimg
An fascinating thought for repairing streetlights – @trinixy
The meals is toxic – @LepapillonBlu
Crane on fireplace – @عناتا اون لاين
sleeping pig – @Bianca22
Chihuahua Reveals The Evil Facet – @Viralsanre
Upsss… the engine is gone – @weibo
Oh my god! #1 – @Miki Teoh小虾米
Oh my god! #2 – @mangavines
Boat fail – @barstoolsports
Duck Selected The Unsuitable Spot Of The River To Chill – @Viralsnare
Suicide Prevention Signal Was In The Unsuitable Place – @Viralsnare
the easiest way to wrap a package deal – @debeste
Corgi Creeps up on Whipped Cream – @ViralHog
That is his pizza now – @9Gag
maintain the mic – @JohnRed60715784
Beer problem – @laurrrenhunter
cardboard field Costume – @9Gag
joking at work#2 – @شقلح-Shaqla7
Prank on the pool – @김유리
Bikecycle – @cctv_idiots
Sleepy Canine Makes a Humorous Face – @ViralHog

32 thoughts on “What I discovered on the web #1

  1. What did I find on the internet? Squirting, step sister, daddy walks in, DP, Big Horse Coc— Whats that? Oh mybad! I thought this was a survey! Yea… No the internet is the literal Devil… Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go check out Redtube's new uploads!

  2. This was freakin awesome!!! Just what I need right now after all this COVID, BLM, ANTIFA and Cancel Culture BS going on in the world right now!!!

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