24 thoughts on “What I discovered on the web #1…

  1. So there is definitely something wrong with the "dancing" dog. And the the one that froze up at the cat doll must have pointer bred into him. Pointer breeds will do that (notice the one paw lifted) whenever they see potential prey for their masters to then hunt.

  2. Kids.. don’t play with ANY KIND of warehouse equipment. It’s always fun for the 1st 30 seconds. And then it’s not. Ever.

  3. The last words appear on the screen is Malay language that means the videos uploader is Malay(melayu) from my country..proud to see that..

  4. 13:36 reminds me of an observation I made in my hometown. Both the employment office and the social service center are in the same building, opposite to each other. You can from one to the other in three steps or less.

  5. Have you seen the video "crazy old woman driver pranks"? Hilarious and just the way I want to be when I grow up.. er… older

  6. 12:23 – Dummy. Never the finger, first. Closed fist or back of the hand or maybe maybe palm. Start with an extended finger and you're just asking for a … welp, there we go.

  7. You: I'm done after seeing that one
    Me: get your balls out of queens purse and watch some more.
    Lol I appreciate ya bro stay real stay safe

  8. Pro Tip for Reactors: Gab TV, Twitch & Dlive for lives, Bitchute for replays. Build your own stand-alone website if you can. Depressing that reactors are getting censored now.

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