we’re saving the web (and the world) // IT Engineers Dialogue

Info Know-how Engineers are ESSENTIAL. Grow to be one now: Be taught Azure: ➡️AZ-900: ➡️AZ-104: …

35 thoughts on “we’re saving the web (and the world) // IT Engineers Dialogue

  1. This was a very good listen I am working remotely on a support line, nice to hear how others are doing in a similar situation. Would love to see more of these types of videos.

  2. I got layed off late February and I was supposed to start Comptia A+ Network+ and Security+ classes March30, but the corona virus caused a delay. In the mean time I've been studying for A+.

    My question is: Should I do my best to try to know everything in A+, or should I review the three courses passively? Once everything goes back to normal I will still be taking the three courses, they're already paid.

    I've been reading and watching videos on Azure fundamentals for fun in the weekend. I'm not taking notes, just doing it passively to learn something interesting, not necessarily to memorize. Is this ok? There's so much down time right now and so many awesome things to learn, but I want use it wisely too.

    Well, if anyone out there reads this please tell me what you think.

  3. -Chuck you can made all functions and more (Home Automation, File Server, MNTP server like Nagios, etc), in one or more virtualize linux server.
    -If you want to be a Linux eng. you have to made the same in one server for training and learning for other certifications.

  4. Is az900 worth messing with? Seems like I know most of the concepts already. Should you skip this one if you want to get the 103?

  5. Just discovered channel thanks for the content really good, have you thought of going to LBRY its looking really good lot of good Linux Folk on there.

  6. Hello Chuck, everyone!
    I am following you for a few weeks now and after this video I really want to get into networking but I really don't know
    Where to start. I am a total beginner and I would need some training starting from 0.
    I saw the links in this video description and I will try to follow them but at first sight is very overwhelming (many acronyms and certifications)

    and I don't really know where to start.
    If you or anyone in the comments can point me to a total beginner resource I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  7. Hey Chuck, please do a video on AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud (or any other cloud platform)
    Currently am confused about which cloud certification track should I go for.

  8. Hey Chuck & all, there’s a slight chance the company I work for will get rid of all contractors to save money. I’m technically a contractor but have not yet got my CCNA. I’m worried that if let go, it will be difficult to get back into a networking job. Any advice?

  9. Isolated and yeah, YT changed BW, changed it back (maybe just my Browser). What's worth, stuck between to jobs. Cant't get to new one because of lockdown. DOH

  10. Last 2 weeks were crazy, firewall updates galore, new ASA ordered on a Tuesday and delivered the following Monday at noon and up and running Tuesday morning at 5 a.m. Went from 15 normal VPN clients to few hundred with ten fold requirements to get to internal resources. 5506 ASA to 1142 with ASA code. Strange how people think we are just now doing "network" things but when they all sat on our 1500 AP wireless network they think things just magically always work. haha. Strange to be hearing people actually say thanks and be appreciative of the time and effort I have put in, we are now an online school for the foreseeable future. Also phones in my group so lots of remote phone requests on an aging phone system, so forwarding calls has been huge, as well as call centers. Faculty is working on zoom, brightspace, and mediaspace for classes. We use Teams a ton to keep connected to the team working from home. Still working on solutions for SBL for laptop distribution since we are a laptop university and people need to be able to get clean machines and personalize on first login. We don't split tunnel because our umbrella servers are inside as well as our fortigates and sourcefire for malware and web filtering. Been CRAZY.

  11. The irony in this is that it seems that our trade / expertise is being undervalued with the rise of the cloud. Many of these cloud providers have found a way to abstract networking behind the scenes to make it simpler for a wide array of people. Hopefully this whole thing has re-taught a lot of companies how valuable the network teams actually are.

  12. Im learning how to do server administration by building a dns, dhcp, iis, active directory, ftp, etc….server on an old laptop running 2019 Datacenter….(gui version) I know tisk tisk…weak. But it's an experience, just getting all the drivers set up on this old 1.3GHz AMD processor based system with 4GB of ram has really surprised me. I didn't think it would be possible, but it's been working.

  13. Man I wish I would of caught this live …. I am part of an IT department for a non-profit organization and could of gone over everything we have done.

  14. Lowering to anything lower than 1080p is just stupid. None of the SPs in Europe have any trouble handling this extra bandwidth req during office hours. Netflix et al are trying to make it sound like they were forced in this, but in all likelyhood THEY lobbied for politicians to ask them to lower quality so the can pay less for bandwidth. And someone should fucking call them out.

    Euro journalists: Call the 2-3 biggest ISPs in your country and ask for comment on record.

    This isn't he said/she said. It's fact.

  15. Session was great today, wasn't able to attend live. Been super fun for us Healthcare IT workers. Transitioning quite a bit of users over to remote work. Healthcare IT depends a lot on the person/department and solutions they utilize.

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