36 thoughts on “Web Remark Etiquette: "Taking part in with Hearth"

  1. Man, half of the fucking progress bar is green (= autoskip sponsor), heading hard towards the golden 99% ad-to-content ratio. Might as well just autoskip the whole video after the intro.

  2. Internet Comment Etiquette is run by the illuminati and the CIA! Wake up people 5g causes coronavirus and Bill Gates is microchipping us. Red Pill!

  3. Please do a video on the grubhub ads please Erik ted cruz is threatening me and my family and my dog oh god he's gonna eat my dog

  4. Erik, I love you so much. So much that I try to limit the amount of time I spend in front of your house because I know how much you dislike the police showing up. Take all the time you need to make your next video, Daddy. I absolutely will drink your sweat, you can't stop me.

  5. Fire was one discovery that allowed US to be a civilized species. With how long ago that was, you would think by now we would've conquered being civilized.

  6. if you find yourself having trouble mixing those words up just imagine yourself finding your ex wife with another woman but she wont let you join and the hershey kisses you have in your pocket are not actually hershey kisses but are bear crap and even though you are attempting to have a second harvest it is now ruined so when ou are finding tha tthe new red shoes you boguht are filled with boysenberry jelly instead of BOYSENBERRY JAM like you asked for you need to be sure that you go to the 2nd grove of the pine trees to speak with the manager there about hte lumber and how ti will find true salvation in the light

  7. All of your comments these past many years about Ted Cruz have finally been vindicated, past the point where any sane person can deny. How do you feel, Internet Erik?

  8. Do a video on Turning Point USA, every one of their uploads sounds like my crazy nazi grandma screaming at the TV whenever someone accidentally switches her precious fox news to cnn.

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