31 thoughts on “Web of the long run! #HDMIChannel

  1. 7:04 mans in the far left on the screen. Dude not only did I never know those were Simpsons creator related, but I haven't seen that tall lanky ass rabbit dude since I was like 8 or 9 when my dad had a few of those books. God damn 20 years. Best nostalgia trip in so long

  2. The same thing as well as in a problem for the name of the name of the name of a problem for a few years back in time 8th to get the

  3. All of this stuff in this video is accurate and is coming to fruition. From beginning to end. Flying cars, cloning, cryonics, hearing and reading thoughts, Teleportation (Quantum Entanglement), and physical virtual reality, that is to say as it is known 'living inside the computer'. This kind of virtual reality would be done with Quantum Entanglement.

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