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Web Evaluation: meme children! we should defend them!! // Strive Sourse at this time! Use my hyperlink to get 30% off your first order whenever you use …

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  1. we're back with another internet analysis! today I want to discuss kids that go viral and/or become memes. (captions will be up soon, apologies for the delay!) // thanks again to Sourse for sponsoring today's vid! use my link http://cen.yt/sourse_tiffanyferg to get 30% off your first order when you use my code TIFFANY30.
    0:00​ – intro
    0:45​ – similar to my concerns with family vlogging
    1:41​ – privacy
    2:10​ – little girl looking at Michelle Obama portrait
    3:24​ – BBC dad
    4:02​ – shout out to Sourse
    5:47​ – out of control memeification (tbt to Rebecca Black & Friday)
    7:00​ – capitalizing on a viral video (Lily's Disneyland Surprise)
    9:00​ – side-eye Chloe meme
    12:45​ – meme kid money
    13:47​ – Mila & Emma Stauffer
    18:24​ – Ava Ryan
    20:40​ – Gavin Thomas
    24:40​ – sponsorships and ads
    25:39​ – the limited longevity of internet fame
    27:52​ – Mason Ramsey
    29:45​ – reinventing yourself after going viral
    30:33​ – thank u, watch more of me plz lmao

  2. Imma be honest. can you apply your "respect to the children by censoring their faces" logic to child actors? Probably can't. Seems a little holier than thou

  3. "Kids say the darkest things" – sooo true. My mom is a kindergarten teacher and one of her kids lately asked what my moms age was. When the kid heard that my mom is 59, she said "If you get coro*a, you might die because you are so old. That would be a sad thing". And my mom just had to agree xD She is a sweet girl though.

  4. I would never put my children on ytube! To think of all the creeps "enjoying" watching them, that would be a nightmare to me.

  5. Also I lowkey have a theory that people making ig accounts of their kids since their birth ..the account and how many followers they have is going to be new deciding factor in their social hierarchy in high school and college

  6. Over the years I've seen people making their kids ig accounts posting cute and sometimes funny pictures which rubbed me wrong ways because when the kid grows up they are definitely going to be embarrassed and they can't do anything about it because it's already on the internet..I felt like they don't have privacy also what if the kid only want to have normal life Normal job but their embarrassing pictures from the past is somehow affecting their career?

  7. Yeah taking a pic of a kid you don't know and posting that online is definitely not okay. I have two nephews, I take pics of and with them but I don't post them online. They're too young to give consent and they're not my kids. Privacy should be at the front.

  8. when vitamins are delivered in a form of candy it might incentivize some people to eat more than they need
    The video is very interesting, thanks for making it

  9. this is super weird for me to post and is going to be vague for Reasons. but basically when i was 12 i was on a reality television show where the premise was they took the experiences of children who had ""past life memories."" my mom isnt a terrible mom, but i was basically pressured into being on this tv show because of her own obsession with the topic. a week after we filmed the episode, i came out as transgender. i absolutely hate that this episode is out there with my birthname and my pre-transition face. theres a certain level, while low because of my own specific circumstances, of danger for me because this episode is out there. someone could recognize me and put two and two together. i think about the fact that this episode has little 12 year old me bullshitting my way thru beliefs that i no longer hold because that was just my moms spirituality at the time and i was just…. 12. online and published in the world forever. as an adult now, if i ever wanted to become some sort of public figure, that episode would make this much harder for me. that really changed the way that i see any child star, child meme, reality tv show, etc. because people dont think about the fact that this kid is going to grow up and you have no idea the kinds of person theyre going to be. its hard to hear bc its such a culturally normal thing at this point but…. no more child stars. let people figure themselves out naturally and make their own decision for presentation when they're mature enough to do so.

  10. I just love how consistently you feature and reference other YouTubers! I've never been on another channel that does that so frequently! And I love how you mention and recommend small, medium and big channels! Bc recommendations are the best way to discover new content.

  11. Look I'm not meme but I am the son of a semi-famous blogger who among other things used to post a lot of pictures of my child self. The older I grew the more angry I would get. The blog wasn't a parenting blog, but it did feature a lot of photography. Random people would meet us on the street and know who I was. They would ask about me online. He would try to take photos of me and I would get angry and he would get angry in return about me being fussy and making it into a big deal. I grew up to be trans. I hate that my dead name and gender of child photos are just out there. I have fairly recognizable facial features, and I'd hate for anyone to recognize me. Also, said father is racist and very much not in agreement with my own views, and having to be associated with that? It's embarrassing. I never asked for this. I have pictures of me ages 0-13 easily available if you Google my dead name in a certain language. Pictures I never knew where posted. And I wasn't even required to do any labor, so I can't imagine what it's like for the kids of family vlogers and the such

  12. Love love love your content as always. I'm so glad you covered this topic. I worry so much about the kids that grow up today that have parents who share their pics on FB/IG/wherever, let alone the kids who go viral

  13. I remember being uncomfortable with the baby photos my parents framed in our house because guests would see them. All our guests were family members or friends and I was still embarrassed of them seeing 4yr old Liz. Can’t imagine what it’d be like to have a parent with an Instagram or Facebook full of photos of you or to become a meme as a kid. Seems extremely embarrassing and scary

  14. In the EU we had some laws of privacy implemented back in 2018. I remember back then my workplace handed out documents to sign about whether I agree or disagree that photos with me taken during the office meeting or party could end up on company's social media. Before every meeting, where photos were taken, there was a warning that if you disagreed with your photos ending up on social media to just stand in "photos free zone" 😀 or if the group was small, photographer would just ask who dont want their photos to be taken. And I thought it's a great thing. I really like to stay private, and actually fear that someone would take my photo randomly in bus or wherever and post it online, it's like crazy. Seen people do that.

  15. I never found Friday funny. Nor I understood why it was such a big deal
    I found the parodies that came out of it funny, but not rebecca’s version
    It was just oh some girl is singing a bad song what’s new
    I still don’t get it haha im happy for her now tho!

  16. regarding 24:18, this isn't really some juicy insight because i never got famous and nothing drastic happened… but in my experience i was born in 2002, meaning i was a child during the mid-late 2000s, the golden age for those classic viral vids (charlie bit me, greatest freakout ever, etc)… and naturally as a child i threw tantrums & said some embarrassing stuff… and my older siblings, who were inspired by this phenomenon, started filming me do all sorts of things without my consent… at 1 point they showed 8 year old me a screamer to unknowingly react to… another time they locked me in a restaurant bathroom & forced me to say that i was in love with the kid who bullied me back then… all of these recorded ofc… they were never uploaded but they were held over my head for many years after that so they could get me to do anything (chores, playing games i didn't like, & more)… as in they would threaten to upload the videos to youtube unless i obeyed… blackmail basically

    they stopped doing that, they realized it was wrong, i'm much older, & i no longer live with them, so i'm not in a crisis or anything… but those experiences have definitely left a lasting effect on me… i'm still paranoid about being surveilled, checking for hidden cameras everywhere i go… being very closed off & too many boundaries… all issues im working on

    im sorry this turned into a very unstructured traumadump… i never thought abt how intertwined the concept of viral vids was to my childhood until that timestamp… i guess as a proper conclusion, yes parents should be very considerate about how their kids would feel about their virality as they grow older, bc it definitely fucked me up

    & also thank you tiffany for making this video, bringing these concerns to light

  17. Fun fact abt the Coogan account thing: my dad's side all have the last name Coogan. There was also a famous child actor with the last name Coogan, around when one of my coogans was fairly well known. At that point, child actor Coogan was less well known than my Coogan, and so his mom kept insisting he was related to our Coogan (to get him clout I guess) and my Coogan ended up in a lawsuit with her over it! Too bad bc now we're all regular people and can't get any money out of it bc it's been established that we are super duper legally not related to them, but oh well.

  18. I know that you can't talk about every meme kid, but one I would have liked to see mentioned is LifewithMak. She was the height of meme culture for a while, with multiple memes, but of course, at the peak of all the 'unproblematic queen' comments, the inevitable happened and people turned on her because her brother was seen wearing a MAGA hat in the background of a video (or something like that?).
    It was a great example of how people will project characteristics/personality traits onto these kids because they're funny, but turn on them in an instant when they don't live up to adult expectations. This girl wasn't even old enough to vote, wasn't wearing political gear herself, and yet people were so mad about it that they stopped watching her content and were leaving her comments about it on Instagram

  19. As a former teachers' pet it was pretty emotionally devastating to be known and loved by basically every adult in the school, to becoming nobody in their eyes (because my grades dropped). I can't imagine how internet kids must feel if that happened at a global level.

  20. Charlie bit my finger was the first video I ever saw on youtube in 2008 when I was 13. I was in science class. Weird that I remember all that, but shows the impact.

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