Wandavision, Lagos, and why Wanda’s powers go haywire

One other week, one other episode of Marvel’s WandaVision, and one other reveal of what’s actually occurring within the city of WestView. This time, the Disney Plus collection made some very severe callbacks to Marvel films previous.

However it additionally made a smaller one, particularly about Wanda Maximoff’s previous, a part of a sample within the films and the comics. Many times by comics historical past, Wanda’s powers get uncontrolled, particularly when the Scarlet Witch turns into overwhelmed by the trauma of her previous.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for WandaVision episode 5, “On a Very Special Episode…”]

Monica Rambeau stands by a whiteboard in WandaVision.

Picture: Marvel Studios

Practically each episode of WandaVision thus far has had an commercial in it that references some side of Wanda’s previous, and episode 5 is not any totally different. Besides this time, the reference is to an actual place.

“Lagos!” goes the tagline for some faux paper towels. “For if you made a multitude you didn’t imply to.”

Lagos is the capital of Nigeria, however within the MCU it’s additionally a spot the place Wanda made a multitude she didn’t imply to.

The Lagos disaster

It may be tough to recollect, as a result of the film got here out in 2016 and its plot was full of universe-rattling occasions, however the Lagos Disaster was the inciting incident of Captain America: Civil Conflict. Sure, not the Bucky stuff or the Black Panther stuff. The film’s first motion sequence adopted the Avengers — Captain America, the Falcon, Black Widow, and the Wanda aka Scarlet Witch — as they tried to cease Crossbones from stealing a organic weapon.

Through the battle, the villain set off his personal suicide vest, and Wanda tried to make use of her telekinetic powers to include the explosion lengthy sufficient to maneuver it away from the various bystanders in a busy market. Sadly, she didn’t fairly succeed, and the redirected blast killed 26 individuals. It was a nasty look, and lead on to many governments around the globe calling for the Sokovia Accords, a global settlement on regulate the actions of individuals with superpowers.

Wanda and Vision float angrily above the floor of their living room in WandaVision.

Picture: Marvel Studios

In WandaVision, the Scarlet Witch appears to be unsure of the bounds of her powers as soon as once more. And within the comics, that’s one of many dominant themes of Wanda’s historical past. The occasions of Avengers Disassembled and Home of M noticed Wanda change into more and more distraught over the lack of her twin kids, resulting in a psychological breakdown. And when psychological breakdowns occur to individuals who can change actuality with their minds, issues get very unusual.

However regardless of the centrality of Avengers Disassembled and Home of M to Wanda’s comedian guide historical past, the story arcs stay controversial amongst Scarlet Witch followers. Neither arc is de facto about Wanda’s private trauma, decreasing her to a plot bomb the Avengers and the X-Males try to defuse earlier than it destroys the world as they realize it.

WandaVision stands an opportunity of telling a narrative about Wanda’s powers going haywire that’s really about her, and never everybody round her.

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