Unboxing Transformers: Warfare for Cybertron: Earthrise’s wackiest cameos

Welcome to the cheat sheet for the second chapter in Netflix’s Transformers: Warfare For Cybertron “anime” collection, Earthrise! Throughout six new episodes, Megatron and his Decepticons are following Optimus Prime and his Autobots throughout the galaxy, and so they brush in opposition to all types of Transformers nerd trivia alongside the way in which.

In order we did for Warfare for Cybertron: Siege, let’s be taught all of the solutions to our questions: Who’s that man? Who’s that different man? Are you significantly going to attempt to inform me who Galvatron is? What’d that man imply when he stated that bizarre factor? Will Earth rise?

[Ed. note: Spoilers for all six episodes of Transformers: War for Cybertron: Earthrise]

Scrap’s gonna hit the fan

Scrapface in Transformers: Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

A seen omission from Warfare for Cybertron: Siege was Scrapface, a personality from the primary wave of Walmart-exclusive toys primarily based on this collection. He was the one new, never-before-seen character in a wave of recognized characters like Sideswipe and Hound, so many followers had been anticipating him exhibiting up in Siege! However he didn’t, though he’s a Refraktor recolor and Siege was awful with Refraktor recolors. These Netflix Transformers cartoons are about 80% Refraktor recolors by quantity, actually.

However in the end, Scrapface seems. In Earthrise’s first episode, he’s one in all a number of captured Decepticons that Elita One’s band of Autobots frees from imprisonment. You see him fairly a bit afterward, as nicely!

The perfect factor about Scrapface stays, nonetheless, the data that in Transformers slang, “Scrap” is their family-friendly substitute time period for the naughty phrase we people use for “poop.” So take into consideration {that a} second. Or ask your dad and mom.

Third faction’s the appeal

Doubledealer and his mercenaries Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet

Picture: Netflix

Siege launched us to Soundblaster, a black-hued clone of Soundwave who belonged to the enigmatic Mercenaries faction. In Earthrise, we get to see the remainder of these Mercenary dudes!

In episode 2, the Autobots are captured by Doubledealer and his crew. Within the unique Era 1 toyline, Doubledealer was a double agent who performed each side, presenting himself to the Decepticons as a missile truck who reworked right into a vulture, whereas presenting himself to the Autobots as that very same missile truck who reworked right into a robotic. Earthrise doesn’t actually get into all that. As a substitute, he’s simply the chief of the Mercenaries, a bunch that performs each side for optimum revenue.

Becoming a member of Doubledealer and his Dwight Okay. Schrute face are the Coneheads — Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet — who’re simply Decepticon jets like Starscream however with hats. They don’t really want additional rationalization, however Exhaust may!

Exhaust, the Marlboro cigarettes lighter Transformer in War for Cybertron - Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Exhaust is a personality primarily based on an early, pre-Transformers model of Wheeljack’s toy that had the rally deco of Marlboro. Sure, the cigarettes. Thus the identify. The precise Exhaust motion figures — the unique, the Masterpiece, and the present Exhaust toy that this cartoon’s design is predicated on — have its personal particular head, with a visored face and horns. However on this cartoon, he’s simply received Wheeljack’s head with glowy pink lights as an alternative of the standard glowy blue lights. Guess that new head wasn’t within the animation price range.

Bug Bite the secret GoBot from Transfromers: Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

And also you see that white Bumblebee there? That’s Bug Chunk.

He’s a GoBot.

No, actually. I’m not saying that pejoratively. He’s actually a GoBot.

The unique Tonka GoBots Bug Chunk reworked right into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, identical to our acquainted buddy Bumblebee (but when Bumblebee reworked right into a robotic that has a windshield for a face), so in 2004, when Transformers launched a set of recolored Mini-Autos together with a white Bumblebee, the concept of naming all of them after GoBots was flirted with, which… Hasbro now form of half-owns. It’s sophisticated. It was in the end determined to depart the person toys unnamed on the field, out of considerations that Bandai (partial proprietor of GoBots mental property) would throw a match.

However in 2007, the Transformers conference BotCon stated “LOL” to that, and launched an unique toy of the then-current Bumblebee toy recolored in white as Bug Chunk, then additionally launched a collection of tales in regards to the GoBots dimension going kaplooey, forcing GoBots to journey to the Transformers dimension and disguise themselves amongst them.

The Earthrise cartoon doesn’t get into any of that. Bug Chunk is simply one of many Mercenaries. However let’s be clear: he’s a GoBot.

Buying and selling faces

Deseeus the Renegade from Transformers: Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Doubledealer and his Mercenaries deliver the Autobots earlier than a well-known face or 5. Why, sure, that may be a Quintesson Decide, a kind of multi-faced, tentacled alien people who we noticed sentence Sizzling Rod and Kup to demise in The Transformers: The Film! There was only one within the Animated Movie, however we discovered in The Transformers’ third season and the Marvel UK comics that there have been a number of Quintesson Judges and so they all had names. This one isn’t any completely different, and goes by Deseeus. Good factors to Rooster Tooth for giving them a really Quintesson-sounding identify. Deseeus sounds at dwelling with different choose names similar to Deliberata, Klementia, and Pentius. The Quintessons are all very Latin.

What is completely different about this Quintesson Decide is that two of the faces are voiced by girls! This isn’t the primary time this has been the case, as a Quintesson with a feminine voice utilized to one in all its many faces was featured within the current Transformers Cyberverse cartoon, however it’s the first time we’ve seen this occur with the traditional Quintesson Decide design.

I ponder if when Deseeus referred to as themselves “the Renegade,” Bug Chunk did a little bit doubletake and hoped no one seen.

Claws for alarm

Optimus Prime looking at Nebulon Station

Picture: Netflix

Optimus Prime’s second cease in Earthrise is Nebulon Station, an area station midway submerged by means of a SpaceBridge portal. Older followers of Transformers who caught round after the primary three years will undoubtedly bear in mind Nebulos because the identify of the planet the place the Autobots and Decepticons turned Headmasters and Targetmasters. It’s both populated by inexperienced humanoids who sound like Fred Jones from Scooby Doo or by pantsless people who appear like they’re refugees from Prince Valiant, relying on for those who go by cartoon or Marvel comics.

Should you’re aware of the Earthrise toyline, you may suspect who reveals up on Nebulon Station, and also you’d be proper for those who singled out Scorponok, the Headmaster Commander. He’s the costliest toy within the line, so in fact he’s going to be right here.

Scorponok, the Headmaster Commander in Transformers: Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Within the comedian, Scorponok was half scientist, half politician, and had no downside talking in full sentences. Within the cartoon, Scorponok had perhaps two strains and one in all them was “AUTOBOTS!!!! DIIIIIEEEEE!” The Netflix model of Scorponok adheres a little bit nearer to the latter take. He isn’t very verbose, however makes scattered mentions of being the “final” Scorponok and having beforehand been dominated over by Quintessons. Are we going to be taught extra about this specific Scorponok’s historical past? In all probability not. If solely he talked extra! Or used verbs!

Scorponok’s look does end in one in all my favourite sequences of this collection up to now, during which the Autobots attempt to escape Scorponok on foot by means of a slowly closing door, with Optimus reaching out his hand to Bumblebee, who’s straggling behind. It’s a tense second! It’d be rather less tense if Bumblebee might remodel right into a automotive and drive as an alternative of run, however Optimus appears to grasp the poor little man wasn’t modeled an alternate mode for this collection. Transformers!

If life ain’t only a joke

The Dead Universe where Solus Prime and The Fallen are floating around in Transformers: Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Within the fifth episode, Optimus Prime finds himself within the Lifeless Universe, the place he converses with the exiled Sky Lynx. (Sky Lynx is the second costliest toy within the Earthrise toyline.) Within the unique run of IDW’s Transformers comedian books, the Lifeless Universe was an odd entropic dimension the place Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, Nemesis Prime (we’ll get to him), and others had been misplaced for thousands and thousands of years earlier than returning and being principally jerks to everybody. We’d be taught later that the Lifeless Universe was inadvertently created by Shockwave when he siphoned life out of a random pocket dimension to gasoline one in all his neat-o evil schemes. (Not the neat-o evil scheme the place he went again in time and disguised himself as a centaur till the trendy day.)

Right here, the Lifeless Universe is handled extra just like the Transformers’ Phantom Zone, as we see Alpha Trion banish Sky Lynx there by means of a portal utilizing the Employees of Solus. Solus Prime herself (and her Employees) is seen floating round contained in the Lifeless Universe, as is her stalker boyfriend Megatronus aka The Fallen. Each seem within the designs used for them in Machinima’s Combiner Wars net collection. Solus and Megatronus (and Alpha Trion) belong to the 13, a bunch of godlike people who had been the primary 13 Transformers.

An Alchemist Prime cameo in Transformers: War for Cybertron: Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Another being floats close to Optimus and Sky Lynx’s Lifeless Universe dialog. At this level, the sample of Floating Inanimate Our bodies appears to be “members of the 13,” and this one holds a trident. The one member of the 13 to ever be related to a Trident is Alchemist Prime, who as soon as received a toy by way of a tiny remodeling figurine of the Pretender Submarauder in 2018’s Energy of the Primes. And Submarauder is … nicely, he’s a fish man. But, I believe that’s who we’re seeing! The main points match up with the toy, in addition to the form of the trident itself.

Pretender Submarauder from Power of Primes action figure line

Photograph: David Willis

Some could know of Alchemist Prime by the identify Macaddam, who we noticed a number of in the course of the Cartoon Community cartoon Transformers Cyberverse. That model took inspiration from a unique design for the character, nonetheless.

One other member of the 13, Prima, is talked about by Ironhide in episode 3.

Starscream saying “What is the Celestial Spires is that?” in Transformers Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

When Starscream sees the fiery portal to the Lifeless Universe, he invokes the Celestial Spires. The Celestial Spires are apparently exceptional towers within the capital metropolis of Iacon that Transformers wish to swear by. Till now, this was a comic book e book factor, however invoking the Celestial Spires lastly will get its animation debut.

Concern of a Black Redeco

Nemesis Prime in a vision in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Inside the Lifeless Universe, Sky Lynx reveals Optimus Prime a imaginative and prescient of what he may come ought to he proceed on his path of self doubt and insecurity. Via the mist, we see a black, pink, and teal recolor of Optimus Prime. It’s Nemesis Prime!

Nemesis Prime is usually an evil clone of Optimus Prime, or a minimum of one other man who’s not Optimus himself. He’s not usually a harbinger of a darkish path taken, so it is a new position for the idea. There’ve been many toys of him as a result of people love their black Optimus Primes, however at present there’s a Nemesis Prime toy on cabinets from Walmart’s unique Warfare for Cybertron toyline, hidden contained in the second wave’s “Spoiler Pack” field, which references this transient scene.

War for Cybertron toyline spoiler pack message deciphered

Photograph: David Willis

Should you transcribe the Cybertronian characters on the within of the field, you get these phrases which Sky Lynx says on this episode:

“It’s essential to keep true to whom the Matrix has chosen. For for those who don’t… a a lot darker future awaits.”

Do you know that Transformers use citation marks and ellipses of their language identical to we people do? Bizarre coincidence!

dead optimus prime in transformers: earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Sky Lynx additionally reveals Optimus Prime a glimpse of one other potential future, during which his physique turns grey at demise like in The Transformers: The Film. A toy of Lifeless Prime was additionally offered in 2020 — an Amazon unique, titled “Alternate Universe Optimus Prime”! Guess this imaginative and prescient from Sky Lynx is the alternate universe that was inferred.

Someway, Galvatron has returned

Galvatron time travels from the future in Transformers: Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Look, I’m not right here to elucidate who Galvatron is to you. He’s Megatron from the longer term after he’s given a brand new physique by Unicron, proper? The Transformers: The Film is the one Transformers media that was available in shops for, like, a decade. Of us know their Galvatron. However let’s poke on the corners of what he brings us in Earthrise, OK?

We be taught by means of some not-so-subtle hints that Galvatron has time-traveled from the longer term to each time these Warfare for Cybertron cartoons happen to vary the timeline and thus free him from Unicron’s servitude. Exterior of the animated movie which everybody has memorized, that’s one of many issues Galvatron is fairly well-known for! He did it twice throughout the varied ’80s Marvel Comics, first in Marvel UK’s Goal: 2006, and a second time close to the tip of Marvel US’s run after he was kidnapped by current-day Unicron in “Rhythms of Darkness.” That second Galvatron (dubbed Galvatron II) additionally made the leap to Japanese fiction and made some waves over there for some time.

Megatron’s hand covered in red electricity in Transformers: Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Galvatron reveals up right here telling Megatron he must kill Optimus Prime and declare the Matrix for himself. Presumably to kill Unicron with? We aren’t instructed for sure. However he tells Megatron some information about sure powers he apparently has. It’s information to us, too, because it’s not one thing we’ve seen him do earlier than.

However Galvatron tells Megatron to “use your hate, your rage” (sure, he’s Emperor Sheev Palpatining himself) till he glows pink and may “unleash a plague of hatred.” Present of fingers, who remembers the Hate Plague from the Eighties cartoon episode “The Return of Optimus Prime”? Galvatron’s clearly referencing that right here, and I assume it’s one thing Megatron can simply do! Perhaps he’s stuffed with Hate Plague spores. Ought to get that checked out.

Sure, it’s Unicron

Unicron in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

Once more, I don’t count on to have to elucidate who Unicron is to you. He’s a cosmic deity, the brother of Primus, the Creator God of the Transformers, and so they battled one another on the daybreak of time till Unicron’s essence was trapped in his present, tangible kind, which he makes use of to hop from dimension to dimension and eat them one after the other till all the multiverse is devoured and he can eventually obtain peace. Or he’s simply the massive Orson Welles Galactus Planet Man — we don’t should go full nerd on this.

The Unicron we see briefly is predicated on the Haslab crowdfunded Warfare for Cybertron Unicron, suitably sufficient, which is estimated to be shipped early in 2021. Should you simply noticed this now and need one, uh, sorry, it was crowdfunded again in 2019. Simply paw at your display a little bit, I dunno.

Galvatron getting sucked back through time in an 80s laser grid

Picture: Netflix

Unicron pulls Galvatron again to the longer term utilizing an approximation of the identical visible results that had been utilized in The Transformers: The Film when Unicron rebuilt Megatron into Galvatron, with the teal area grid and the see-through purple schematic stuffs. Thirty-five years later and we’re nonetheless discovering new and thrilling “[CITATION NEEDED]” methods to reference that film in new media by some means.

My Kingdom for some Beast Wars illustration!

Megatron discovers the Voyager 1 golden disk in Transformers: War for Cybertron - Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

As Galvatron departs like Mufasa within the clouds, he reveals Megatron a imaginative and prescient of what he’ll have to get hold of sooner or later, and oh hey, it’s the golden file we positioned on the Voyager I spacecraft to inform aliens about Earth! This isn’t solely an actual life object but in addition a big MacGuffin that’s central to Beast Wars (the ’90s CGI Transformers present with the animals). In Beast Wars we be taught Decepticon Megatron captured the disk, encoded a secret message on it, and the artifical object by some means turned a Maximal relic sooner or later, the place it was stolen by Predacon Megatron (the separate, purple T. rex man), taken into Earth’s previous, and utilized by the Predacons to attempt to alter prehistoric Earth to make sure a Decepticon victory sooner or later.

How a lot of that’s going to outlive into this specific cartoon collection’ dealing with of this artifact no one is aware of. Warfare for Cybertron is fairly wishy-washy on what it’s determined issues from earlier cartoons! Galvatron can present up from the longer term in an results shot proper out of The Transformers: The Film, Megatron could be proven the Golden Disk as a result of it’s necessary to his future in Beast Wars, but in addition people like Skywarp, Alpha Trion, and Extremely Magnus can die sooner than they’re presupposed to.

Dinobot the velociraptor Transformer from War on Cybertron - Earthrise

Picture: Netflix

The ultimate shot in Earthrise pans right down to Earth, the place an especially acquainted face pops out of the jungle! Why, it’s a Jurassic Park velocirap — I imply, it’s Dinobot! No, not a Dinobot, like Grimlock or Snarl or Swoop or Paddles, it’s the Dinobot. 1995’s Predacon-turned-Maximal named Dinobot, who’s recognized within the fandom as “Raptor Jesus” as a result of he (SPOILER FOR THE ’90S!) provides his life to save lots of humanity. He spouts Shakespeare! He talks about honor! He has a spinny Rotate Blade cyber slash weapon! He (SPOILER FOR THE ’90S) dies! He’s, frankly, rad, and I emitted a tiny squeal when he popped his head up out of the foliage. At nighttime of night time, I instantly ran throughout the home to my bed room, and woke my spouse up out her deep slumber, instructed her I simply noticed Dinobot in a brand new cartoon, after which she divorced me and went again to sleep.

I’m now 100% offered on the upcoming third and ultimate Warfare for Cybertron chapter, titled “Kingdom” (as a result of animals, get it???), although I could also be a little bit biased. Which non-union voice actor will they get to switch Canadian Legend Scott McNeil? I gotta know!

Judging by Siege’s July launch and Earthrise’s December launch, I’m guessing we’ll all discover out in about six months.

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