Twitch Bans Fashionable Web Phrases…

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40 thoughts on “Twitch Bans Fashionable Web Phrases…

  1. It’s a very old term. Listen to southern hip hop from the 90’s. Google’s sampling is probably more homogeneous than we think.

  2. Simp have many different definitions. It's also mostly context that it gets used in. The definition you talked about was the origin of the word but is not what it's being used for today.

  3. Twitch is not banning the word "simp". They came out to correct the article, which they didn't write. On Twitter, Twitch stated they do not ban words. What the article went into was talking about "simp" and a few other words would be looked into for reported context.

    Here is Twitch's tweet about "simp", which they state they do not have a blanket ban on the word:

    All that said, the word "simp" started out as a very negative word. Content creators took control of it though and it's more commonly a good thing, rather than negative. So yes, Twitch is behind the times already with this, but that is the case with most internet things. By the time something is to be done about X, Y has already changed it.

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