36 thoughts on “Trump Breaks The Web With Texas Speech

  1. I'm sitting here, thinking how this is going to play out. I don't like Trump somehow, but I don't want commies to take over either.

  2. Remember God sits on His throne until the end of time. He knows what's to come, and we need to take comfort in the fact that Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. ❤

    God give us strength to ensure what is coming and that our Country would return to You.

  3. Not only did the dems win illegally they’ll most likely do even more terrible things right in front of our eyes and nobody on the left will care. It’s sad I pray our country doesn’t crumble

  4. 2022, the RINO-simp-republicans who stabbed all of us AND PRESIDENT TRUMP in the back, are ALL going to pay at the ballot box!! PRIMARY ALL OF THE RINO-SIMP-REPUBLICANS OUT! WE NEED THE TEA PARTY BACK!

  5. Why aren't you simping for Sydney Powell and the Kraken anymore? Or do you think she's waiting to release it in her defense at the $1.3 billion defamation suit?

  6. alamo TX. i guess remeber the alamo is a relevent line to us time travlers.

    ALIENS won't go home. damn glow in the darks!

  7. People are blind by hate for Trump that they forget what they voted for. Rise tax, no 2k stimulus, censorship, China will steal your job. So basicaly you just played yourself for next 4 years without stopping China invading your Privacy & Living.

  8. YouTube has to love you this video has three commercials hope they pay you well . If they think it will make me stop they got me wrong. Hahaha

  9. He mentioned coyotes! Remember when he talked about them a while back and some retarded progressives thought he was talking about the animal? Lol classic.

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