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Video Sponsored by Ridge Pockets: Use Code “GFM” for 10% off your order In the present day we’ll discussing the unhappy story of Youtuber …

47 thoughts on “The YouTube Pervert – Web Mysteries

  1. Wow this should not be happening he paid for his mistakes that’s like telling a man who killed one man and get 42 years and does his sentence that he’s a bad person and should be dead and for any people that want to tell me otherwise do it I will happily reply when I can

  2. I heard about this from Nick Crowley, so sad that the people you look to for escape or entertainment can be terrible and you wouldn’t know.

  3. “Also in his friend group was PioneerProductions…” huh, that name looks familiar, where have I heart it before. Ah… that’s why.

  4. The Internet seems to judge its creators based on their reputations, rather than their actual talent. Before he was exposed as a pedophile, everyone told him that he was a great singer. But after he was exposed as a pedophile, now everyone tells him that he's horrible at singing?!?!?!?

    It seems quite obvious that people don't actually think he's a bad singer, despite all the hate comments about it that they leave. Instead, they just want to shit on him and make him feel bad about himself in any way they can.

  5. Tbh, this whole story kinda makes me sad. Was fondling someone the extent of what he did? Were there repeat offenses? Was he a light sex offender or did he ever go as far as raping someone?

    We may never know. If he was a light offender I hope he made apology and amends to his victim and I hope they forgave him.

    Sad to see an old man's actions come back to haunt and humiliate him right before death.

  6. I love your channel, I love how you explain the mysteries behind these people. My question for you is, would you consider doing a video about a streamer that goes by the user name Rhesus Pesus? She used to stream everyday, most of the time she would play Battlefield V, but out of nowhere she just stopped streaming on her Twitch channel (Rhesus_Pesus). It has been over a year now, and she hasn't posted anything on her IG, Twitter, Youtube, or Twitch. Many of us followers tried to comment on her accounts wondering what happened to her, but never get a response. We only hope that nothing bad has happened. Anyway, sorry for a long comment, just wondered if you could consider. Thank you, keep up with the good mysteries, and have an awesome day. Can't wait for your next video. 🙂

  7. This makes me so sad, I've been following him for a year or so. He has seemed so sweet/innocent but that's usually the case.

  8. That other youtuber, Nick Crowley , i believe his name is, well he's the one who did just about this same exact video on this guy. People taking other people's content on a person not well known is easily thought to be copied/taken. JMO, lmao.

  9. RIP PlasmaMasterDon.
    He may have been convicted as a sex offender.
    But he also warmed loads of people’s hearts.
    You will be missed (if not by anyone else, then still by me)

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