The Web Stated So | EP 73 | India Details

TISS is a weekly podcast the place Aadar, Neville, Kautuk and Varun talk about random, enjoyable, silly, pointless, bizarre, stunning “info” they discover on the web.

21 thoughts on “The Web Stated So | EP 73 | India Details

  1. When you say your glorious army has never attacked another place, you should know you’ve been fed lies in curriculum. Funny cos you guys always seemed somewhat well-read.

  2. My favourite thing about India was articulated by someone I know: if aliens were to land on earth and they wanted to see the entirety of the human race, you would have to direct them to India. The only country in the world that has every face of humanity and nature, at its very best and worst and everything in between, living together under one republic.

  3. Amazing video guys!! This episode was so balanced with great conversation, interesting facts and so many comedy gems and of course the numerous bawa eccentricities. Thanks!! However, can I just say that it made my day to see that sunset glimmer on Aadar's face at the end of the video!! Aadar has always been a hearthrob, but boy this was a thirstrap move! 😀

  4. For those who are returning “Welcome Home”… got’em goosebumps – someone who is stuck outside and not been able to be home for over a year. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. "The Gorkha soldiers are still selected from young men living in the hills of Nepal – with about 28,000 youths tackling the selection procedure for just over 200 places each year" so you know, they had to be crazy good

  6. The last view that Aadar showed had tricolour. Saffron (the sky), white (the mist in between), green (the ground.) Like Kautuk would say, "Mast!"

  7. Hitler initially considered Indians as Aryans (remember the word comes from Sanskrit. Indians are actual Aryans, not Germans.) Hitler shifted his ideology as per convenience.

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