The Web Mentioned So | EP 68 | Actuality Reveals

TISS is a weekly podcast the place Aadar, Neville, Kautuk and Varun focus on random, enjoyable, silly, pointless, bizarre, surprising “details” they discover on the web.

18 thoughts on “The Web Mentioned So | EP 68 | Actuality Reveals

  1. You guys should do a pt2. Would love to hear your views on shark tank, khulja simsim, family feud, the price is right, catchphrase, deal no deal, dis ka dum so many more hilarious stuff!!!

  2. Tasks in first 5 seasons of Roadies weren't cringey. SplitsVilla has a different scene so their tasks look disgusting. Same with Big Boss. But a 5-6 Season Roadies was necessary for Indian Reality show scene. I have never liked any other reality show on Indian Television. (Not counting game shows)

  3. 31:01 the indian version was called "jet set go" it used to come on StarOne and was hosted by popular comedians from laughter challenge
    The rule was not to reach airport within the stipulated time but the first one to reach the airport and collect the tickets wins a free holiday to that destination

  4. The death they are talking about is the cousin brother of kim jong un… kim got him killed by two girls with poisnous gas fearing that he us conspiring with US agencies…. there are multiple videos on the same

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