31 thoughts on “The Web Bans the President

  1. I know that here the USA states stereotype are different from how Ben show them, it would be funny to see what the states think of it. Espicaly NY and Florida.
    Non USA ppl, in your country do you have very different views on the states?

  2. PA should use the word 'yinz' at least once. Pittsburghese as they call it is a major part Western PA. It's what makes me think PA

  3. Thoughts right now from most Californians " after four years of this how are we not all dead, I mean have you seen our welcome to california videos. Its basically says "Hi we cant afford to look after you so please pack up and leave."

  4. I wish there were more I discovered this channel because of this specific show! lmfao I gonna check out the other stuff now bye bye!

  5. Above D.C. (or if, hopefully when, they become a state Columbia) but below the Mason-Dixon Line, I kinda feel bad for Maryland. Too north to be south and too south to be north, but hey Delaware is pushing it too, so MD can have a friend, the two lone center-east states. Though tbh who'd want to be around all the bickering of the Northeast…I say as I live in one of those [MA word] states.

  6. Love that the whole west coast is just generally giddy and messing with DC these last few videos, as an Oregonian can confirm, it is a pastime.

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