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40 thoughts on “The Story of Octomom – Web Mysteries

  1. The part that’s sus to me is fertility treatments are not cheap like there REALLY expensive so she clearly had enough money to get pregnant but not to take care or her kids?

  2. I don't have an issue with the adult industry itself but if you're an already established public figure and have 8 kids who'll figure you out in a mere second of being on the internet, then I'd say find a better way to make income.

  3. I had this video playing in the background and heard “loli plugin,” and stopped what I was doing to make sure this wasn’t some pedo shit

  4. There has actually been 8 recorded cases of octuplets but OctoMom was the first where all eight lived. 1967 in Mexico; four boys and four girls, all died. 1979 in Italy; two babies lived and the couple had lost sextuplets in 1976. In Turkey in 1985, all eight babies died. In the UK in 1996; six boys and two girls, all died. The same year in Spain, six babies survived. In 1998 in Texas, the Chukwa octuplets were born and seven survived. Another set in Italy in 2000 with four surviving. Then of course, the Sulemans.

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