17 thoughts on “The Smartest Black Man On The Web Proper Now!

  1. Facts y'all, we ain't mad at you, we love you, we love all Americans and we love our country, scars and all. What are we against that infuriates the deep state and the establishment?? I'll tell you point blank, no bs::

    1. We are against genuine racism – against it towards you, against it towards us, against it towards all – when we say "we don't see color", and "all lives matter" – that isn't against you, that is AGAINST THEM who keep trying to force us, you, everyone to see, operate, segregate, praise, belittle, protect or harm based on COLOR…. ain't none of us picked our color and we're all colored if you wanna get right down to it. None of us are without color or we'd be see-through. And all of our colors are beautiful and unique and carry with them diverse peoples and cultures and histories both good and bad, across the spectrum.

    This is a colorful world, plants, animals and people alike. Color is beautiful, in ALL of it's shades. The VAST MAJORITY of us "white people" HATE the "race" narrative, as it's ONLY purpose is to divide and agitate. The VAST MAJORITY of ALL people of ALL colors HATE it too. WE the people HATE it. DO NOT be riled up and fed the evil, destructive and purposely designed narrative of wide-spread racism. The ONLY place it is "wide-spread" is WITHIN the deep state. WITHIN the globalist elite agenda. THEY KNOW that united we stand, divided we fall. Their power only exists in our confusion, division and bickering. We are against "black" and "white" – we aren't white, and you aren't black. Go hold up a white piece of paper to any "white" person – don't match. Go hold up a black piece of paper to any "black" person – don't match. They don't get to define me, you, or anyone by our color. Our colors are beautiful and merely a superficial part of what makes up the intricate brilliance and complexity of each and every human being.

    They WANT us to fight one another, to remain distracted and destructive – why? Because then we aren't looking at THEM, we aren't collectively holding their feet to the fire, we aren't united and focusing all of our intelligence, analysis, passions and strength on maintaining true morals and values. Because then we aren't actually scrutinizing the school systems and what our children are being indoctrinated with, because then we aren't going over the state budgets and auditing their ridiculous and often nefariously charged spending sprees with OUR money. Because then we aren't questioning why the "healthcare system" isn't a system of HEALING but of TREATING – that our FDA approves and encourages poisoning, genetically modifying and pumping hormones and non-food items and chemicals into our foods (that MANY other countries have BANNED). Because then we aren't paying attention to the erosion and perversion of our youth and decency, we aren't paying attention to the corruption of our society, families and communities. They want us to destroy ourselves, by fighting one another and being none the wiser to their control, programming and slavery of all. There will ALWAYS be bad apples with ill will and ignorance in every group of people, in every profession, in every social and economic class, and in EVERY land. The few who will always find trivial means to judge one another and invite the division. But that is NOT the majority, thank God.

    2. We are against those who would choose to profit themselves, and destroy our country. Those who would sell our Constitution and the freedoms of our people. Those who keep calling this a "democracy". We are NOT a democracy – we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. You don't want a democracy, there is no protection and preservation of personal rights and liberties under a democracy. Never has been. Never will be. This is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. "Hate speech" is just hateful speech, you can't censor that without expecting more censorship. "homo/trans-phobic" is implying a "fear" of those with such sexual preferences. That is LUDICROUS. It's not about FEAR, it's about perversion, destruction of the natural order of all life, the destruction of the nuclear family, the destruction of societal morals and values. Remember how the Christian wasn't allowed to refuse making the gay cake? Well, it was a private company right… Take a look at what they're saying though about Twitter, FB, Google, etc… choosing to censor, ban, delete, cancel, refuse others… oh that's ok though, because "they're a private company"… Do you see the hypocrisy? That's just the tip of the iceberg. It's much, much, much deeper and broader. We are against the erosion of the free intellectual mind, the erosion of the free and open public forums, the erosion of true education and real history. We are against the shitting on our country and erosion of all of our rights, freedoms and liberties – even those we disagree with.

    3. We are against the MURDER of hundreds of millions of our children each and every year. We are against the fact that "planned parenthood" has nothing to do with planning for parenthood, was established by a racist eugenicist and is HEAVILY funded and supported by the left to this day. We are against those 'clinics' – baby murdering, mother harming, family destroying centers – being strategically placed in PREDOMINATELY "black" and "brown" neighborhoods. WAKE UP. WE LOVE YOUR BABIES TOO, PLEASE PLEASE stop killing them. We are against the brainwashing which has made us complacent to killing, violence, the taking of lives, the destruction of our faith and families through empty and evil rhetoric sexualizing our children, teaching them 'hook up culture' and promoting our children killing their own children with the excuses of 'can't afford it', 'too young', 'want a future"….. Listen to that… they hold us down, increase taxes, give all our money away to foreign countries, special interest groups, elite agendas, ridiculous "scientific" exploits, pump BILLIONS into caring for ILLEGAL "immigrants" – using YOUR money to provide for them, and so on. We are against the ROBBING and molesting of OUR people of America.

    4. We are against providing for and holding up illegal immigration. We LOVE LEGAL immigration, we welcome people who love and respect our country and want to be a part of it, want to join us as Americans, want to pitch in and continue to better us all. But we are against "sanctuary cities" and the counting of illegals into the census (which means more power for those controlling the states because they are awarded electors based upon their population). We are against the elite, against the globalists, against the Illuminati, against those who serve darkness, against those who serve money and corruption and perversion. We are against being in 'guilded cages', their 'new version' of slavery – economics. When we say "don't tread on me" we mean that, DON'T TREAD ON US. We are against sending all of our men and women to fight wars we have no stake in – which are really just a game of thrones dog and pony show for the real rulers, with the blood on their hands. We are against lawlessness and violations upon others and this nation. We are against THEM. We are against the use of BLM and Antifa and other groups – bought and paid for by evil means – sent out to demoralize, terrorize, burn, beat, rape and pillage our people, our cities, our businesses and communities, while trying to mental-gymnastics people into supporting them, or calling it "peaceful". We are against all things communism, marxism, luciferian, socialist, totalitarian, oligarchical, elitist.

    5. We are against the bought and paid for "media" which is the fingers of the puppet masters, owned by 6, yes 6 elite families, scripted and peddled down to control, direct and repeat their nonsense to the masses. Go see how the CIA admitted the media was their strongest weapon and tool for mass indoctrination and propaganda. Go read up on black-propaganda – no, not against black people, but the term "black propaganda", go research event 201, "dark winter", "operation Megiddo". Go and actually read the Patriot Act. Investigate operation high-jump, operation paperclip, operation fishbowl, and on and on and on I could go. We are against being labeled racist and crazy, because we are divergent to their programming and maniacal oligarchy. The CIA themselves invented the term 'conspiracy theorist'. We are against the people being used as lemmings, as experiments, as tools for their wickedness. We are against the establishment. We are against the lies, the manipulations, the perversions, the greed and corruption. We are against them.

    6. We are FOR: God (the true God of all creation and Father of our Messiah Jesus Christ), family, and country. We are FOR our children. We are for truth. WE are the resistance. Don't be confused into hating us. See through their crap, and join us. God bless you all.

  2. Another "woke" one for the" melanated" people, for "all" people, indeed. How many of you so-called Christians couldn't catch all the numerous contradictions in his " enlightened, edifying, e- essay" as the "smartest" Black Man on the Internet?

    I mean from what you actually know he says, regardless of what you think the Bible also says.

  3. People too busy making idols of skin tone and made up constructs like race instead of having eyes that see and ears that hear.

  4. We have died enough for this kkkountry! We have fought enough for this land! I disagree with him on that. And there is no such thing as a black person or a white person.

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