The Present Should Go On-line: The Two Gents Of Verona



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Proteus – Luke Barton
Valentine – Nick Leos
Julia – Lucy Aarden
Launce – Esmonde Cole
Duke – Montgomery Sutton
Pace – Beth Burns
Silvia – Chloe Wigmore
Lucetta – Emily Carding
Thurio – Brian Gillett
Panthino – Geoffrey Mamdani
Host – Bonnie MacBird
Antonio – Andrew AB
Eglamour – Ally Poole
Third Outlaw – Disa Andersen
First Outlaw – Jes Gislason
Second Outlaw – Jennifer Glover
Swing – Sarah Ingram
Swing – Mark Burghagen

Director: Robert Myles
Producer: Sarah Peachey

24 thoughts on “The Present Should Go On-line: The Two Gents Of Verona

  1. Griev – i – ous? Shakespeare upended. This proves that, with respect to castin, trawlin is better than draggin!

  2. So far the recordins of the productions onstage have had too much "room" in the sound. This one hasn't. Good. Thank you. And the movin pictures have been abridged and adapted.

  3. Shakespeare in the spare room. Really enjoyed this were they reading it from off camera or did they memorise the play ?

  4. Thank you for making this production available to the public! Love the inspired use of props, , the pedestrian style of Zoom, and seeing the whole ensemble chatting together!
    Such a treasure you share with us – the play, your talent and your time! Very inspiring!!! From down south in Singapore…..

  5. Hello. I'm very glad to find your channel on Shakespeare's plays in UK.
    I'm an English teacher in Japan and a great lover of UK and its culture,especially English literature including Shakespeare. Due to coronavirus I cannot visit London but I can enjoy your plays through this channel. Thank you very much !!

  6. Just watched The two gentlemen from Verona. It was the best thing that has happened to me for a long time. Thank you so much.

  7. Thank you so much for undertaking this epic task! I thought it was absolutely brilliant and so engaging. what a great new medium to promote the work of Shakespeare!.It also had a real sense of fun – sharing, celebrating and working together for the greater good, key skills we could all use in the current climate. Just because we're self-isolating it doesn't mean creativity can't continue! Thank you so much to everyone, it was lovely.

  8. This is amazing! Thank you so much for this wonderful production. Watching from Milan Italy…not live…but nonetheless…totally engrossed. God bless. you work! We are so grateful.

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