The Legend of Creepy Chan – Web Mysteries

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Right this moment we’ll inform the story of Creepy Chan and Rose Gotto.

Written by Class Act Jack:
Edited by Turkey Tom:

48 thoughts on “The Legend of Creepy Chan – Web Mysteries

  1. Ahh creepychan, I remember her…. No idea she was in a video for the pixies though, wtf? She's so much cooler and more attractive than virtually any of the modern Egirls these days

  2. ALLISON! Unpopular opinion: Allison Harvard didn't really deserve to win ANTM. On either of her cycles. But she's fucking awesome anyway.

  3. Discord is the new 4Chan I know guys on there that extort underage girls and make them cut themselves I was in this discord server where this guy killed a kitten on livestream and everyone was laughing

  4. You really do suck at story telling bro get better. Skimming thru big story beats & forcing 15 mins into 5 i hate it. Do better.

  5. bro wtf i thought she was just one of those tiktok girls who take pictures to put in your traumacore/kidcore (idkthe exact core) pinterest board. like deadass thought that pic was made in 2020

  6. Wish I used the internet during events like this. The history that the internet preserves forever is really interesting, especially if you witnessed it when it happened.

  7. Since we're taking a nostalgia trip
    I wonder where the child who took the screenshot with a card that said last number ending 75 asked me etc etc is doin now

  8. Yo no rush, but I really want to see the next bashurverse update. I was really interested in the last one. I’m just ready to see the rest of the story.

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