The Hillsong Christmas Spectacular On-line 2020 | Hillsong Church

Be part of us for the 2020 Hillsong Christmas Spectacular, that includes iconic Christmas carols carried out by Taya Gaukrodger, Alex Pappas, David Ware and plenty of …

38 thoughts on “The Hillsong Christmas Spectacular On-line 2020 | Hillsong Church

  1. I love hark the herold angels sing its my famillies favorite song and god bless you all and the pastors and i love how taya goes high up on the note

  2. I would love to hear more from Bella, Alex, Gloria etc. They also have a lot to offer. Yes Brooke, Taya and co are truly gifted, but so are the others. Let’s not make it about celebrity of the individual.

  3. Watching this from Singapore even though i am a little late to discover this on Christmas, but i am still blessed to have watched this! 🙂

  4. Thank you for making an inspirational and encouraging production that actually had to do with the meaning of Christmas! Not something demonic and disturbing!

  5. One year ago my brother Sergio invited me to this amazing church and honestly it was a breathtaking experience ♥ thank you brother

  6. O Holy night ,its being.sang so powerful, and I also love and adore every bit of the rendition .More grace and inspiration to me artists.

  7. Amazing! I'm watching from BH, Brasil!
    Thank you for this beautifull concert! Jesus bless you! Merry chirstmas Hillsong Church!

  8. Watching from Mongolia. Thank you for these beautiful performances. All the glory to the Lord. God bless you all and Merry Christmas, everyone.

  9. Merry Christmas my brothers n sisters in the world. Jesus bless us.
    And Thank you Hillsong Church for your amazing Christmas celebration.

  10. Everything about this was amazing. Ah the vocals, Taya's whistle note, Alex, Bella was a vocal beast and others were just amazing.

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