The Expanse teaser clip: Carmina Drummer in full drive in episode 5

Season 5 of The Expanse is off to a roaring begin, with a couple of twists and turns that followers of the unique novels weren’t anticipating. This season can also be clearly pushing the franchise’s latest main character to the forefront. Polygon had the prospect to talk with authors S.A. Corey about Carmina Drummer, performed by actress Cara Gee. You may get a sneak peek at her efficiency — reverse Keon Alexander as Marco Inaros — within the unique new clip from episode 5.

Drummer was initially a named character in Nemesis Video games, the fifth novel first printed in 2015, the place she was the chief of safety at Tycho Station. Within the tv collection that position has been expanded to include the storylines of a number of different characters.

“One of many issues that’s actually low-cost and straightforward to do in prose is make a brand new character,” co-creator Daniel Abraham informed Polygon throughout an interview final month. “You don’t need to forged anyone. You simply write down a brand new identify. It occurs. It’s fantastic.

“In consequence, you’ve an entire bunch of individuals with an entire bunch of tales and an entire bunch of type of cool moments,” he continued. “When you’ve a extremely good actor, then you may shift these over to you type of wind up with this, this focus of superior. Cara is nice sufficient to hold it.”

However, in season 5, Drummer is extra than simply an expeditious approach to get in the very best bits from the novels. The character can also be the commander of a polyamorous crew of Belters making an attempt to make their method alongside the hostile fringe of area. She lastly seems like a significant character in her personal proper — centered by Gee’s dynamic efficiency — as a stand-in for the extra average, level-headed wing of the erratic Belter faction.

Episode 5, which premieres Jan. 5, will convey her workforce dangerously near the middle of the battle — and on to the identical starship with the terrorist Marco Inaros. This clip, Abraham mentioned, is simply the tip of the iceberg for Drummer this season.

“As to her character particularly in season 5 and her arc and season 5 and the issues that she does in season 5,” Abraham informed Polygon, “you ain’t seen nothing but.”

The primary 4 episode of The Expanse season 5 can be found now — alongside the earlier 4 seasons — on Amazon Prime Video.

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