17 thoughts on “The Bikelock Fugitive of Berkeley (Web Historian) CG Response

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  2. The only reason that the capitol building was stormed was because early due to the riots during the summer of 2020, some D.C politician thought it would be better that there was less police presence at protests to not 'rile them up' not because the government was weak they simply didn't have enough numbers to stop the amount of people at the capitol

  3. Antifa is an arguably Liberal styled Domestic Terrorist group within the US, and the rest the US, Liberals included, hates that they pretend to fight Fascism with random violence. Qanon is an arguably Conservative styled Terrorism group in the US, and they believe in Donald J. Trump overthrowing the Government in a Second Civil War.
    Nobody likes them either.

  4. I wonder what the antifa are the real fascists crowd that has flocked in these comments thought when hundrends of armed men raided the legislative branch of the US government calling for the vice president to be hung.

  5. It's not that police can't stop ANTIFA, it's that there are Democrat politicians that will literally command the police to stand down. That's not me being biased against Democrats either, literally every politician that's done that are Democrats. I mean, the Bikelock Fugitive got no jail time and no fine because California.

  6. Like I've said on one of your videos before… 4chan is full of crazy people, but they are DEDICATED crazy people that can and will find anything.

  7. Federalism is a big factor to about the federal government's involvement, it's the state responsibility (mostly) to take care of state matters

  8. Nobody excuses what happened in the Capital because right wingers are driven by principle and are consistent.

    The entire left excuses the months of rioting, assaults, and in some cases murders, and millions of dollars in (minority owned) property damage because they have no principles and go along with it out of political convenience and frame every argument they make as progressive, and everyone else is “too slow to catch up with the current year”

    I could go on, but what you watch on American networks, is not reflected in our society, but a projection of what the left wants to force us all to become, meanwhile most of us want to just be left tf alone

  9. Antifa gets a pass on many crimes and fuck-ups simply because they're supposed to belong to the left-wing political spectrum. America has been going through a left-wing/progressive revolution for couple of years now, and so they receive public and secret support/protection from many left-wing organizations and political figures. They also tend to work with BLM, but that's another story.
    In America, view on them is heavily divided while in most European countries (maybe outside of Sweden, not sure how about Germany) they're considered as borderline domestic terrorists.

  10. Antifa uses force to get their way and regularly attack, threaten, and sometimes kill people they don't like. They also burn and destroy public and private property, so ironically the group that's anti-fascist uses a lot of fascist techniques.

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