The best way to Improve Web Velocity by 200% [with Proof] [Simple DNS Server Trick] Tutorial

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46 thoughts on “The best way to Improve Web Velocity by 200% [with Proof] [Simple DNS Server Trick] Tutorial

  1. hey u all lolz if u wanna increase ur internet speed u must have to pay for that it can't be increased for free.Dont waste ur time

  2. Try using 'Namebench' to see which DNS server is best for you. Then copy the results into the Control Panel. If it doesn't speed up your connection, reset it to '…obtain address automaticaly. ' again. (Btw, it only works with IPV4).

  3. OMG it works dude it works I swear it works the dislike button works go get a life this is fake u probably put ur best network then u did it

  4. Nice video bro. But why all those ways. You can just right-click connection Icon in the taskbar. And right-click your current network connection. And click properties. And click networking. then Internet Protocol Version 4

  5. Dude, no joke, this actually helped. Before I used to get 1mbps download, 0.30mbps upload and 250 ping, now I get 3-4 mbps download, 1mbps upload and 40 ping, thanks dude, you've just earned yourself a sub

  6. If this did not work for u it means that this dns server is not or is not as close to u….please do not complaint on this video it did help me alot…i went from 40.50mbs download and 3.12mbs upload to 50.55mbs down and 3.12 up stayed same…..if u hve no knowledge on how dns servers work then u have no right to comment at all..tnx Low Spec Gamer's Creed it helped alot

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