The Attempt Guys Truth Examine Followers on the Web | Glamour

On this episode of Fan Truth Examine, The Attempt Guys; Ned, Zack, Eugene, Keith hit the world large internet to truth test their fan websites. They go browsing to debunk or …

24 thoughts on “The Attempt Guys Truth Examine Followers on the Web | Glamour

  1. Ned is the dad trying to keep everyone on task
    Eugine is the cool uncle that slips us booze.
    Zach is the only child who gets away with everything.
    Keith is the aunt who loves us more than mom and takes us to get birth control at 16 and tell Noone.
    I adore these humans so much <3

  2. As a music major, French horn is more difficult than others realize. I would brag if I could sight sing on it. Especially with transposition.

  3. eugene’s southern accent warmed my heart! i’ve always been made fun of for my southern accent and hearing someone as cool as him sound like me made me so happy

  4. Zach and his girlfriend had the cutest response. The lactose intolerance and both going for icecream, it's the start of a great movie.

  5. The noiseless tower superiorly scorch because cereal subjectively succeed vice a damaged lip. grandiose, handsomely swallow

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