Taking Unhealthy Web Quizzes

We problem one another to take random quizzes on the web. Thrilling!
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25 thoughts on “Taking Unhealthy Web Quizzes

  1. 0:30 this is not political commentary btw and it's totally unbiased. It's weird to me how we have a county where some of our leaders used to own slaves, an act that most these days believe is a bad thing, and it's such a big and weird thing to have happened that we sometimes laugh about how absurd it is.

  2. matt please eat something, that fasting thing you are doing for likes its not funny anymore, im getting worried, pls for the love of shane dawson

  3. Play this a .5x speed to hear two drunk guys doing a personality test in an old magazine.

    Play it at 1.25x speed to hear them talk in genuine SC speaking patterns

  4. Now that we know Matt has white fragility, he should stop going to the glory holes on the receiving side before he spreads it to others

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