Sword Artwork On-line Deadly Bullet – True Ending / Excessive Mode [Spoiler] KR

Sword Artwork On-line Deadly Bullet – True Ending / Excessive Mode [Spoiler] KR

However yeah, this is the true ending for Sword Artwork On-line Deadly Bullet
If in case you have the Amulet, wherein Afasys provides you, you need to cancel the bosses hyper beam and attain it is HP to 0%
Additionally if you are going to strive Excessive Mode you may need to improve your VIT (HP) to no less than 6000.
I additionally modified the credit score tune due to copyright. The unique tune was ‘Thrill Danger Heartless’ carried out by Lisa

Particular Occasion Lower Scene [48:16]

Sword Artwork On-line Deadly Bullet – True Ending
소드 아트 온라인 페이탈 불릿 – 진엔딩

34 thoughts on “Sword Artwork On-line Deadly Bullet – True Ending / Excessive Mode [Spoiler] KR

  1. Yooho, Long time no see BerserkD (This is still Ignited). How does this game feel to you as of now, in both Single player and online Multi-player respectively? I'm planning to give this a go sometime soon. Btw, great aiming as always lol, I can see some of your experience from SDGO is showing here xD (Especially that manual aiming).

  2. I got something called a charm from my AI is this the Amulet that you were talking about? And is there anything else I need to know for this because I got the bad ending to get the charm

  3. sersly 6000 vit? and how do you change it to extreme mode? or do you have to start all over again or can you change it where you left off in medium?

  4. Can I turn the extreme mode on when I'm going to enter the final boss fight or whatever it is or do I have to play the whole story on extreme? Just wondering cuz I wanna change the mode back to normal for now so I can quickly murder the bounty quest thingies

  5. The afasys give me the amulet But where is it ? I do not have it and I tried to do the boss without equipping myself with the amulet and I get the bad ending

  6. Excuse me, what is your opinion toward Handgun in later game content? Are they efficient or out-performed by other types of weapon?

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