39 thoughts on “SURVIVE. THE. INTERNET! (The Jackbox Celebration Pack w/ Pals!)

  1. Everyone talking about the lightsaber which is understandable but they're getting there theory's from fuckin Tiktok of all places… like wtf???
    That's just sad

  2. 36:48 To my knowledge, scientific hypothesis can never truly be proven, just given how science works. Scientists don't work by trying to prove that some preconceived notion they have of the world is correct. Rather, they establish a hypothesis and then try rigorously to disprove that hypothesis, and the more they fail to do so, the more credibility the hypothesis gains. So yeah, stuff like evolution can't technically be scientifically proven (again, same as any scientific hypothesis), but there's enough failed attempts at disproving it that there really isn't much reason to doubt its validity.

    Edit: Kinda like how it can't really be proven that spending 120 grand on a lightsaber is a bit much, but it is the scientific consensus.

  3. I spent $570 for my first Ultrasabers double saber. Aeon V3 LE v3's with connector if anyone is interested. But that was 7 years ago when I was 18.

  4. In so many occasions, that horrifyingly costly Lightsaber of Elaina's(And let's remind everyone it cost ONE BILLION DOLLARS) was misinterpreted by me to be… Very oddly-placed for a woman.

    I'll say no more and excuse myself as she handles that Lightsaber better than I'd handle one…

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