Sunshine State

From acclaimed author/director John Sayles (Lone Star, Ardour Fish) comes an unforgettable portrait of a richly numerous Florida city threatened by actual property …

22 thoughts on “Sunshine State

  1. amazing production. Fascinating story. I have never been to florida but would love to visit such an interesting culture. Excelent actors and great and very important stories and how they have connections. Amazing cinematography.

  2. I didn't think that the movie was going to be this good. I really enjoyed it. I loved Edie Falco. She's super good in any part she plays. I think the same about Angela Bassett. A very versatile actress.

  3. Notice anything Black as in movies, music, entertainment, social issues is always a race issue of oppression, being the victim at the hands of Whitey. It's never about anything else.

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    TV is out of style discontinued

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