45 thoughts on “Starlink – the agricultural web sport changer on your homestead

  1. I’m happy for you. I’m glad you have good internet. You’re right, you can be just outside the coverage area and the internet service providers just wouldn’t come out to your area. That’s ok though. More money for Elon I guess.

  2. StarLink, Tesla, SolarCity are all preparation for Mars colonies. There's no oil but plenty of sun and orbital space over there.

  3. Many thanks for this. I'm in one of those 'areas'. Got regular satellite internet but it is on the slow side – the 'ping time' is noticeably longer than cable internet.. and lots of micro-outages, especially during rain. Drilling holes in my house… was the theme of 2020 🙂

  4. Will governments that hate the internet be able to block their people from accessing this technology? Some of us live in countries that work hard to regulate the usage of the internet.

  5. Great review, thank you. Even with a low estimate of 100m subscribers @ 100/month is 10b/month 120b/year. What a cash cow. Fire off more rockets, we need Internet in the rural community!

  6. Great Review, small correction, the frequency is a large range between 10.x Ghz and 52.x Ghz, curious if the admin console shows the connected frequency for the Down/Up Link

  7. Nice! I'm curious to know how the system will perform during a snowstorm with flurries coming down. Will it be sporadic? Or does it buffer and cache so that it's still usable? Will it shut down completely during a light snowstorm? Please report back when you can, thanks!

  8. This was informative and great! Honest pros and cons of the service and very detailed. You should be a professional reviewer!

  9. Your the only one who has stated 44°N and 52°N , I do not even get that information from the Starlink website. so for those who do not know that will be north of Eugene Or. to about Alberta Canada, the rest of us just need to wait.

  10. This tech came from Bell Express vus direct pc; these communicate with BALLOONS. There are NO satellites they are all balloons.

  11. LOL…. it’s a game changer alright!! You’ll have a blazing fast LEASH around your DNA in no time so master always knows precisely where you are to the square inch, and what you’re doing at all times!!! YAY!!

  12. We are 49 degrees. I emailed about a month ago. My brother in law, just got his equipment. He said it took like 4 months to get acceptef. I hear wonderful things about this, fom another beta tester. I hope we get to be lucky, as well.

  13. Here I Canada the internet Market is Monopolized by 2 companies. I pay $112.00 a month for DSL 20mb/3mb. Yes I am excited to get faster internet but mostly likely it will cost over $200.00 a month as the satellite company will have to pay Royalties to Rogers and Bell. USA companies tried to enter the Cellphone and internet Market here in Canada and then Rogers and Bell had a fit, lobbied and got them out. The problem is Canada is so big with only 37 million people, the current infrastructure is so expensive to build and maintain for a such a low population.

  14. If you're using copper cable up to that antenna, the run length is most likely the reason for bandwidth degradation. Copper doesn't like to go beyond 300ft

  15. Also in the pnw unless they really get a lot of satellites we'll be limited in speed. But estimates are saying 50 to 100mb. So not bad.

    Your 900mhz radio should be getting more bandwidth than that, probably loosing it all to thay 400ft cable. You might try adding a poe powered switch half way to fix that. Likely you'll need yo upgrade your main switch as well.

  16. Watching this on Viasat. Between all the buffering, it took 30 minutes. I can’t wait for Starlink in my area. I have a question, are there any data caps?

  17. Shit i would take 10mbps where I live now i only have my phone hotspot which averages around 600kbps I'm so ready elon needs to hurry up so he can get my money lol

  18. How are the PING TIMES? With other sat. providers they can be horrible. From what I heard these are LEO (low earth orbit) birds, so the ping times (in theory) should be at least 2x faster if not more (depending on the ground stations connectivity to the world).

    If you just ping google or some known service like that what sort of times are you seeing?

  19. Tried to do the beta for Florida but wasn't successful. My mother went with the high latency, 25mbps satellite internet. We both used to have fast internet (100/10). The "better than nothing" option appears to be for those who live in the North anyway. I'm now disappointed that I told her about it only for it to slap me in the face. Wish there was something faster than 25mbps in Florida.

  20. Does anybody know when Starlink will be available to the Australian rural sector? Personally we all can not wait until it arrives due to extremely poor Internet connection and speeds currently here in rural Australia.

  21. Starlink is legit – I have it here in MW Montana, speeds up and down are so much better than anything I can get local, latency is amazingly low for sat, just a big fat wow all around.

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