Star Wars The Excessive Republic: The Nice Catastrophe and the Jedi, defined

The galaxy is at peace within the Excessive Republic, the latest period of Star Wars storytelling from Lucasfilm. However that peace is threatened by the “Nice Catastrophe,” a mysterious, nicely, catastrophe that calls each Jedi within the galaxy into motion.

In a panel at NYCC 2020, Michael Siglain, inventive director of Lucasfilm, laid out precisely what the Nice Catastrophe is, and what makes it so nice. Mainly, it’s the Titanic, however in area. But in addition worse, as a result of the Titanic simply sank — it didn’t put everybody on the Atlantic coast at risk.

“We’ve the Legacy Run, which is that this large cargo ship, touring by way of hyperspace, going out to the frontier.” Siglain stated. “It’s bringing cargo and provides; individuals trying to begin a greater life out within the Outer Rim. And because it travels by way of hyperspace, alarms begin to blare and also you understand that there’s one thing in hyperspace. Legacy Run is on a collision course with it.”

That collision can’t be stopped. And whereas the Nice Catastrophe begins in a single place, it rapidly turns into a galaxy-wide downside, as all of the items of the Legacy Run — together with the ship’s cargo containers, provides, and plenty of vehicles containing imperiled passengers — begin “rocketing out by way of hyperspace” on their very own collision programs with planets across the galaxy.

“That’s when the cry goes out for assist,” Siglain concluded, “and the Jedi of the Excessive Republic reply that cry.” And as we all know from the primary bulletins again in February, a set of all new villains known as the Nihil (pronounced like the primary bit in “nihilist”) seem, presumably to make the most of the chaos.

What occurs subsequent is within the arms of the staff of writers engaged on Excessive Republic comics, YA novels, and adult-oriented novels, who have been additionally available on the panel to speak in regards to the enormous solid of Jedi and padawan learners who reply that cry. And sure, there’s even a Wookiee Jedi.

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