Sky Line

In 1979, Arthur C. Clarke wrote a novel about an elevator that goes to outer house. SKYLINE is the story of the individuals who intend to construct it. From scientific gatherings to NASA’s high-stakes House Elevator Video games, the movie follows the main gamers working to make the idea a actuality. Some imagine it can clear up the vitality disaster; some need simpler entry to uncooked supplies in house; some simply wish to gaze down upon the Earth. For all of them, the house elevator is extra than simply science fiction: it’s an achievable objective.

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  1. To all the naysayers, "Quantum computers, anyone? The Internet? The Worldwide Web? Wifi networks? Cell phones? Telephones, the electric grid, hydroelectric power plants, the telegraph? Robots, in vitro fertilization, gene splicing? Trains, planes, automobiles? Hydrofoil, submarines, helicopters???" All of these things were at one time considered just "science fiction and fantasy."

  2. It is all a lie. Notice how someone was taking the picture of the lander take off to dock with the rocket above the Moon ? Where is that guy? Why did Russia and America blow off Adam bombs against the underside of Earths Dome in the 1950's? They had to call it off because the Radiation levels increased by 1,000% which caused the CANCER of the world to increase. Brest cancer saw the biggest increase. Yes, Earth is FLAT with a DOME over it. Go to the first book of the Bible to read about it or continue to be a DUMB sheep. To many people in the 90's were finding out that the Earth is Flat so the SATAN worshipers in government made it law for all cameras to have fish eye lenses so the earth would look round when men took pictures of Earth from low earth orbit. The Space Station can only fly at low Earth orbit because of the DOME. I can go on and on about the lies but you must do your own research.

  3. as fake as landing on a moon that doesn't even exist with tech that was never made to go anywhere, pure science fiction, as real as satellites.

  4. It will never get built just from sheer risk involved. Imagine if the cable broke off at the base and dragged across the Earth, or the "orbital" half got too low and came crashing down. The logistics are dumber than launching a rocket which carries way less risk.

  5. Ok!! Why do I or my descendants need to go to the moon?? Nothing to do there!!! Why is the U.S even partially even funding this idiotic idea??? OMG??? I was interested because of the technology behind it, but I’m done…..

  6. I find it comical that educated people take Clarke’s fantasy seriously; as a concept it’s just another mode of travel, like magnetic rail or starship, but to think of it as practical is silly, like time travel, and makes you wonder what kind of physics these so called physicists studied.

  7. “Love in an Elevator” by Aerosmith and “Bremerton” by the Presidents of the United States of America should be on the sound track.

  8. Solar panels in space to collect energy and beam it down in the form a microwaves. We have not acknowledged the damage microwaves do to wildlife, people & our environment. We already know how bad a 4G phone is. Bees can't navigate & birds are having trouble with these microwaves disrupting the earths natural magnetism that they depend on. Another "lets hurry up & build it", worry later what harm it can cause.

  9. So what if you did use a stationary satellite which deployed very thin but very strong “wire” to the surface. Wouldn’t it just vaporize from static charges or be damaged from surface and upper level winds?

  10. Field propulsion or perhaps anti-gravity is basically the space elevator without the tether or the tower. A space elevator that can hook on to the universe itself & keep climbing & hover without the expenditure of additional energy or power. As for the mechanics of the space elevator I am at least somewhat skeptical of the power of the strength of the mechanics of materials required for or the economics of such a project.

  11. I have 480 hours of answers from advanced off planet Human ETs. I have a message from them and its to all who live with Regret daily ( you need to write it down as everyone of you will need it and its so profound the more you ponder its deeper meaning i spent one of them hours asking about mistakes we make that effect your life some of you wont like it but you can set your sails for the correct course immediately and go on track They say “ there are no mistakes – you pre planned everything before you arrived with Amnesia here – you are on your path believe it – you only run off your path if you violate the rights of another to thrive ! It can be in the smallest way ( dont be a salesman or a lawyer as christ said which is a Devine message – 20% of the bible survived as Devine word ) as long as you do not break this only law of the universe for humans you cannot stray and you are exactly where you are supposed to be ! Do not trick anyone take advantage or hinder their life advance against their wishes launch legal torts ( source handles that ) dont hold anyone back or down You dont exchange a glance with a perfect stranger and that not be pre planned before your incarnation ( which is still ) in this moment. ( dont try and decipher that part you will go mad they cautioned) me ? I am rewarded in small ways for delivering the word of divinity kept in tact the benefit benefits me in a small way. All of these words are theirs as well as “what you do to the finger you do to the body” Are you violating the right of anyone to thrive ? In your work or home life ? Send the light to those who need it.

  12. So much for space elevator. We can't even have a decent elevators in apartment buildings. Better think about something that is useful and practical that can benefit people right here, on earth.On the other hand, if all the funds wasted on space programs were used for homeless ( and hopeless) part of our population on earth no one would be out of shelter and food.

  13. The further you go outside of anything. The further you are from yourself… Inner space is the true exploration! Outer space is a Artificial construct

  14. 747s and other large high altitude jumbos are only economical SHUTTLE elevator, & there never anything replace it except political corruption therefrom Elon-Musk/Congress etcetera politicians. Yes you antiJill-Stein voters are actually stupider than you look. I will raise a spectacle if bureaucratic filth attempts to thwart me from voting Jill Stein & Green Party.

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