24 thoughts on “Scariest Movies On The Web | Response

  1. Brandon if you really want to get scared at midnight watch “nukes top 5 Ghost videos so scary you will regret watching”. It’s the one from 3 months ago not the one from 10 months ago as they have same title. Give it a watch

  2. Anyone who is spiritual can I get your help with a few basic things? So like I said I have been trying meditation, first times I went into a position that hurt my legs or stopped blood flow or whatever but it makes me feel like I can clear my mind to some extent maybe, to actually clear your mind you shouldn't react to thoughts right? How do you react to thoughts that make you mad? Here's why there are some thoughts that make me mad. Two days ago my mom let some random church guy go into my room and try to talk to me and ask if I want to pray because she knows I dont do christianity anymore then she is saying on the 17th this month O gotta do something for the Church she says she isn't forcing anything but she has been trying to force me to do stuff my whole life nbut in Sept I started saying no. I dont want to live with her

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