RPG Aurcus On-line Gameplay iOS/Android

RPG Aurcus On-line by Asobimo, Inc. (iOS/Android) ▻▻▻ SUBSCRIBE PROAPK FOR MORE GAMES : ◅◅◅ Tremendous exhilarating motion …

19 thoughts on “RPG Aurcus On-line Gameplay iOS/Android

  1. Jesus… how do people even play these games let alone enjoy them with all that crap blocking your screen? I love playing games with only 10% of my screen available!!

  2. Hey man just wanna start by saying I love your videos, they help a ton when I'm trying to find a game to play.

    Just a couple thoughts though, one thing I personally love about your videos is that you usually leave the game audio in instead of throwing a song on top of it. When I'm watching a preview on a game I like to hear all the various soundtracks the producers made and what sfx they chose and such.

    Also I'm not sure why this one turned out different but the frame rate is a lot lower than your other videos, I'm wondering if it was just a simple rendering error or something?

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