Ring Match Journey May Be The Finest-Promoting New JRPG Of This Era

Youngsters who grew up within the ’90s fondly keep in mind Ultimate Fantasy and Pokémon as their first JRPGs. Youngsters who grew up within the 2000s may need nostalgic emotions over Dragon Quest, Hearth Emblem, Xenoblade, or Persona. Apparently, kids born in the previous couple of years will at some point recall taking part in their favorite retro JRPG: Ring Match Journey.

After trying out Nintendo’s newest gross sales figures, video games journalist Imran Khan famous that the train recreation is the best-selling new JRPG of this era. That may sound loopy, however keep in mind that big sellers like Pokémon Sword and Defend, the Ultimate Fantasy VII Remake, and Dragon Quest XI will not be new – they’re all sequels.

Ring Match Journey is a completely new IP (mental property), and with 8.5 million copies bought over its lifetime (thanks, COVID), nothing else comes shut.

Khan had a number of different observations in regards to the figures from Nintendo, like the truth that Pikmin three Deluxe is now the best-selling Pikmin recreation of all time (which is a bit unhappy, actually, on condition that it solely bought round 2 million), and that Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is formally the best-selling musou title of all time, outselling all Dynasty Warriors video games in simply a few months.

Okay, allow us to have it: is Ring Match Journey a JRPG? Give us your ideas beneath.

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