Random: No, This Is not A New Color Of Famicom – It is Simply Actually Soiled

This picture may very well be a PSA warning concerning the risks of smoking… not less than in relation to your consoles. In a tweet by @arare_wansaka, these two consoles – a Famicom and a Tremendous Famicom – appear like a uncommon color variant, with the extra frequent white, gray, and crimson plastic changed with an attractive burnt umber.

That’s, till you realise these are meant to be white and gray. So, what occurred? Have been the 2 consoles positioned in direct daylight for 30 years? Have been they each immersed in soy sauce the entire time? Are they actually into tanning? Or have they been sitting in the home of a smoker for a couple of a long time?

Sadly, we could by no means know the origin of those two greasy boys, except anybody fancies discovering out which Japanese store is promoting them. The Famicom prices about £3, and the Tremendous Famicom prices £2. Price it to unravel the thriller of whether or not or not these consoles would reply to retrobrighting? You inform us.

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