President Trump Sends out WARNING Message after He’s ERASED from the Web

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35 thoughts on “President Trump Sends out WARNING Message after He’s ERASED from the Web

  1. 3 companies did this at the same time, so they planned this. They are trying to silence people with different views. They cancelled free speech!

  2. this reminds me of natzi germany and ussr way back in time,i think dems are not fare from marxist,communist and natzi thinking.

  3. When a social media site promotes people from 3rd world leaders that chant death to America and are in fact hostile enemies, and ban our President I say that site has become a hostile enemy to America and should be treated as such.

  4. now they dont care about voter turn ups because whoever wins any elections they can flip the result to suit..soros owns the ballot machines as well as the software to run it flip the results thats how evil they are..

  5. Big tech is nothing but trash,they are communistsOur HeavenlyFather will take care of them,God is blessing PresidentTrump

  6. I wish we knew what was going on with the Insurrection Act PRESIDENT Trump signed. The democrats in house are stating that the riot at the Capital was President Trumps fault. They are lying again. In the meantime, the republican party is in the dark & feeling lost.

  7. They can pretend all they want that they did not comit Election and Voter fraud, but everyone knows they did. They are trying to force an illigetimate President on America. Biden will never be a duly elected President. He will be a fraudulent, illigetimate President.

  8. Well I said this before and I'll say it again. Its the American people fault because they let their government get by with everything and the government knows this.And the ACLU is no different because when the government did me and the mother of our three kids wrong when they kidnapped our three kids and violated our rights as Americans and as human beings we tried every legal means and they refused to help us. They undermine our family structure. That's why we hate them. And when American people don't do anything with their own government when they do wrong that makes the American people just as guilty as the government. We the people need to take this country back the way its suppose to be. But the American people will not do it and that's where the problem comes in.

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