Plunder the Depths of an Accursed Temple in Curse of the Lifeless Gods

Maintain your torch regular, explorer, lest you lose your soul plundering the temple’s inky depths.

Curse of the Lifeless Gods releases right now on Xbox Collection X|S and Xbox One, and all of us at Passtech Video games can’t wait so that you can see our tackle the roguelike dungeon crawler. It’s a well-liked style – one which we love too – so right now we’d like to point out you ways Curse of the Lifeless Gods stands out as a novel and thrilling expertise not like another.

Curse of the Dead Gods

As you delve deeper into the temple, it’s going to tempt you with highly effective weapons and relics with helpful bonuses. For those who don’t have sufficient gold, the temple will settle for your blood as cost. Alas, the extra blood you give, the extra corrupted you grow to be. Even in the event you don’t sacrifice blood, every door you go by on the finish of a room will add to your corruption meter. As soon as full, you’ll get your first curse impact.

There are lots of curses, most of them considerably impacting the way you play and work together with the opposite gameplay techniques, comparable to traps, or gentle and darkness. The results may be lethal however are extra usually about adapting to new circumstances. For every champion you defeat, you’ll be cleansed of 1 curse of your selecting, however in the event you attain 5 curses, your life will begin to drain till dying comes… tick-tock, explorer.

Curse of the Dead Gods

These double-edged swords present an attention-grabbing balancing act that you could always be contemplating. For instance, “Darkish Fervour” will trigger you to passively acquire corruption over time however going by a door not provides extra corruption. “Raging Temple,” one other curse, turns beforehand innocent statues into fire-spitting deathtraps.

One other standout function of Curse of the Lifeless Gods is its environmental gameplay. Your torch lights up your instant environment, and you need to use it to set braziers and enemies aflame. In addition to taking extra harm in darkness, you can also’t see traps in it. With spiked flooring, flame-belching statues, poison-spitting contraptions, and extra, you’ll need to concentrate on your environment, particularly since these may be turned towards your enemies.

Curse of the Dead Gods

Whereas Curse of the Lifeless Gods is actually a difficult sport, we wished to supply a variety of attention-grabbing and distinctive choices for each run, somewhat than solely rising your energy steadily over time. As you defeat champions and executives, you’ll acquire two varieties of forex: Crystal Skulls and Jade Rings.

Crystal Skulls’ main use is to unlock blessings. Every blessing is linked to one of many temple’s Gods of Marvel and grants you a particular, divine energy to reward you in your earlier explorations. “Indomitable” restores half your well being after defeating a champion or boss. Pair this with “Present of Transmutation”, which turns surplus well being into gold, for a nifty combo. You’ll be able to solely allow three blessings at a time, so discover your choices and select correctly. You may as well use your Crystal Skulls to disclose weapon altars, which broaden your number of beginning weapons earlier than you begin a run. A weapon can solely seem on an altar if it has first been unlocked. 

Curse of the Dead Gods

As for the Jade Rings, use them to unlock a variety of unique weapons. Every time you unlock a weapon, it’s going to grow to be doable to search out inside the Temple.

It’s the mixture of those mechanics, their overlap, and the graceful, dynamic and tactical fight on the core of all of it, that make Curse of the Lifeless Gods distinctive. We hope you’ve loved this style of what the Temple has to supply. Discover it for actual now on Xbox One!

Curse of the Dead Gods

Xbox Live

Curse of the Lifeless Gods

Focus Residence Interactive



You search untold riches, everlasting life, divine powers – it results in this accursed temple, a seemingly-infinite labyrinth of bottomless pits, lethal traps, and monsters.

Your greed will lead you to dying, however that’s not an escape. Rise to combat once more. Delve deeper once more. Defy the malignant deities that linger on this place. Battle by hordes of enemies in darkish, cavernous passages stuffed with traps and secrets and techniques of all types – fire-spewing statues, explosives, hidden spikes, and worse.

Gather mystical Relics and an arsenal of weapons to make your self unstoppable. Corruption builds in you with each step – encourage or ignore it, however every highly effective curse is usually a double-edged sword.

– A skill-based roguelike exploring a merciless, darkish temple fabricated from infinite rooms and corridors
– Swords, spears, bows, weapons – wield these and lots of extra
– Distinctive curses affect every try, placing a twist on each motion
– Dozens of enemies, with highly effective champions and lethal bosses to face off towards

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