Perth, you deserve higher web.

Perth, you deserve higher web.

Get quick, dependable NBN or Mounted Wi-fi in Perth with Pentanet.


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28 thoughts on “Perth, you deserve higher web.

  1. I can’t even get internet where I live. Two years no port. Yet 5 mins down the road I had internet for years. WA is the asshole of Australia, it’s all shit.

  2. We would have been keen if there was a solution that did not require a dish to be installed to the premise. Even something small that sits unfixed on the balcony would be considered.

  3. Have been with pentanet for almost a year, not one drop out and 50mbps when ever, rain or shine, peak or off peak. Chose them because the nbn is a joke. Big thumbs up

  4. "Fast" Internet. I've got the highest in my area and guess what…? It's been unstable for more than six months on three bars as the highest it'll go. I can't even stream anymore because the framerate sucks so bad and the ping is shit.
    Although I'm with Telstra, haven't tried pentanet yet. The other internet providers I've tried also suck lol.

  5. I jumped onto Pentanet about a year ago now on their “Premium” package of 100/40. Initially i was getting 74/33, but considering im over 4kms from my exchange, thats ok. As the weeks and months passed, my speeds started to slip. Understandably, peak times mean congestion and im sure to drop down to their “typical evening speed” of around 40-44. There have now been nights where im lucky to pull ADSL speed on my Pentanet connection. Last night, for example, 14/1. Every time i reach out to Pentanet, its “Everything seems fine on our end” and “We’ll lodge the issue with NBNCo”. Like nothing can be done?? Im afraid Pentanet have simply bitten off more than they can chew and are now focusing on profit in terms of servicing more customers than truly looking after existing ones.

  6. you guys going to lay your own cables too so you can back up those claims? didn't think so. you're a service provider so all u do is let us use the internet you have no control over how shit our fiber to the node is and all the cables in Perth are old and shit so you guys can talk out your ass about Perth deserving better net but you won't be the one to provide it you will simply do what every other provider does and alow us to use the shitty cables Telstra laid 2 million years ago the same cables that give us our shitty quality of internet all over most of Aus. fuck you.

  7. How are you able to be more reliable when you are most likely piggybacking off either telstra/optus/Vodafone network?

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