Peria Chronicles On-line Sandbox Participant Created Content material

Developer: THINGSOFT
Writer: Nexon Korea
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35 thoughts on “Peria Chronicles On-line Sandbox Participant Created Content material

  1. if i recall, you could create your own cutscenes, NPCs, and maps right?
    I hope there is a theme setting or something like that.
    i.e like a steam punk setting, modern setting, Future setting, etc…

  2. Thats a pretty cool feature but I see it has its flaws. I could see so many overlapping faces around the creation of new land. Also that the lip sync is just awful its like they didn't even try.

  3. just a message to Nexon:

    i would easily pay to play this game. i don't even understand this video since i don't speak korean but frankly, i want to play this mmo probably more than any other mmo

  4. This game is totally retarded, why won't they let an archer be an archer and let an assassin be an assassin! Although it has an amazing animations but the fighting mechanics is gruesome!!! So much potential wasted!

  5. just because you can create something, ir doesn't mean like it has to be minecraft. just don't ever fuckin' compare this little piece of shitty minecraft with anime-games or just generally with mmorpg's.

  6. This totally reminds me of an anime….except that anime had automail mechanics and the Law of Equivalent Exchange. Anyone get where I'm getting at?

  7. Oh gos the umbrella is not in the center of the table…also a bit disappointed when they started to make everything magically appear, i thought you would have to build everything but hey, still looks awesome. Can't wait for an english (or engrish, i don't mind) version.

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