21 thoughts on “Pc Fundamentals: Connecting to the Web

  1. A: How to watch youtube videos?
    B: First, your device must be connected to the internet
    A: But, How to Connecting to the Internet
    B: Watch tutorial on YouTube
    A: But, How to watch YouTube?
    B: Connect to Internet!
    A: But How!?!?!
    B: Watch YoutTube !!!!!!!

  2. I’m so grateful for your lessons. I m actually enjoying it. To be frank, my start up company bought our first PC with a loan for my secretary 40 some years ago . Buy I never used myself . I must confess even though I bought myself A Sony cell phone & laptop then & never bother learning how to really using them properly. Now during this Pandemic crisis & election uncertainties with so much unfortunate darkness around, I finally see the light that I have to be self reliant to finish my KHARMA. SO i began with the very basic first class about computer with your wonderful easy to follow lessons. Bless you all! Connie sp chen

  3. Do I have to plug my modem into a desktop computer, or can I just plug my modem into my router? My computer doesn’t really work anymore, so I was thinking about getting rid of it. I just want to have WiFi for my tablet, phone and smart tv.

  4. How do I connect to the internet without a telephone or cable provider, if they aren't available, like in the case of a national disaster?

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