37 thoughts on “opinions on the web

  1. This is a great explanation for why I don't like talking to fellow Pokemon fans. Can't even say one sentence without starting a war over which gen is the best.

  2. one time i was in a fight with someone and at one point i basically said that seven deadly sins fucking sucks and this dickhead said that seven deadly sins was one of the best animes and that "im probably one of those guys thats obsessed with mha" so uh yea

  3. I see people do that can they just keep it too themselves
    Don’t say anything
    But keep the opinions too yourselves
    Don’t type it on social media
    I hate it when people do that i seen a lot of people do that

  4. As a wise man once said:
    "Gee I sure don't like these opinions I'm going to write a 5 page essay with 3 mla citations about why your opinion is bad"

  5. This is my personal therapy for whenever someone says something online that I disagree with.
    It really helps me out.

  6. I just did this yesterday and now I feel even more guilty. Intact after I sent it I sent an apology. This is me and it’s scary

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