Thanks to Google Lens for sponsoring this video! Being a father or mother lately means you are additionally anticipated to be a homeschool instructor. You are on the entrance line …

26 thoughts on “ONLINE SCHOOL HACKS That Truly Work!!

  1. every one in my class just uses bad wifi as an excuse and turns off there camera (oh yeah and they become afk so they literlally skip class)

  2. Here is some reasons why we don’t need school

    Spanish: dora
    English: we speak it
    Science: we have nasa
    Drama: tik tok
    Writing: texting
    Pe: we have a field
    Reading: if your reading this you can read

  3. I love that you guys are so bubbly and you guys don’t care about the hate comments. You guys just post what you want to post.

  4. even though it might be hard too find them could u find hate comments and react again i luv how u dont care btw im mamie i am ten years old and i look up to gabby every day u are an amazing songwriter and singer plz dont ever stop and could u do a cover on oliveas song drivers licence it would be amazing luvu bye

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