ONE HOUR of Every day Dose of Web (NEW, NO INTROS)

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The creator has given permission to a majority of these movies being uploaded.

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49 thoughts on “ONE HOUR of Every day Dose of Web (NEW, NO INTROS)

  1. The thing with the people moving the car out of the fire truck's patch certainly wasn't in America lol. Here in theU.S. the fire trucks are fitted with huge steel bumpers so they can push cars out of the way lol.

  2. As a leopard gecko owner, I have no idea what that gecko was doing. They do wave their entire tail to look like a worm, but this was way faster. I wonder if it’s a neuro problem or something? It could just be weird tho. Sometimes geckos can be weird. Mine gets spooked for no reason sometimes or it scares itself and started waving its tail all around

  3. 5:35
    Kid: Yeaah, wahoo… Uhhhh…. Uhh,, yeehaw? Yeehaawwww!
    Otherkid: (._. ')
    Kid: Take that, and That! And thi-
    Otherkid: WhAt ArE yOu DoInG sTeP bRo?

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