No Man’s Sky gamers are chasing down the sport’s new storms

Issues are totally different within the No Man’s Sky galaxy currently. One intrepid explorer was shifting from useful resource to useful resource, choosing up oxygen, ferrite mud, and carbon from the vegetation and rocks round him … when he seen that the native fauna close by was being swept up into the air.

“I believed it was a glitch at first,” wrote JC Hysteria, a No Man’s Sky participant who responded to Polygon by way of Twitter. Upon realizing it was truly an enormous twister, he “jumped in instantly after.”

JC Hysteria has been enjoying No Man’s Sky for over three years now, and he says that the twister was one among his most unusual experiences in a very long time — particularly since he noticed it by way of the lens of VR. However tornadoes, and radical storms, at the moment are simply part of life in No Man’s Sky after the Origins replace. Exploring new worlds is now usually marked by sandworms exploding out of the soil and arcing by way of the air, violent volcanoes erupting, and tornados whipping about.

No Man’s Sky - a player stands on an intimidating icy planet, watching a storm.

Picture: Good day Video games by way of JC Hysteria

Storms are now not simply blurry, shield-draining messes to keep away from — they’re one thing to admire, although they continue to be lethal.

Whereas the sandworms are innocent and go away no hint of their wake, the storms have a extra lasting impact as they drain gamers’ protecting shields. These circumstances also can overlap: A livid blizzard can additionally manifest a twister, making a harmful state of affairs that may kill hapless explorers. Some gamers have reported being blinded by snow flurries, or astounded by lightning storms. Others are attempting to trace tornadoes and seize the very best footage.

Storms and excessive circumstances have been in No Man’s Sky since launch, however they had been beforehand extra of a gameplay impediment with out a lot visible aptitude. Excessive mud storms or heavy winds would transfer in, the participant’s imaginative and prescient could be obstructed, and the perfect factor to do was to attend the storm out in a shelter or spaceship. Finally, the air would settle, and gamers may emerge and transfer on.

Now, many gamers are speeding towards storms, making an attempt to get good footage and photographs. Others are stunned within the wild by a sudden excessive climate change or storm. A Reddit person, mfox4904, shared his expertise on the No Man’s Sky subreddit, saying: “It was a temperate planet throughout a superheated rainstorm. Unexpectedly I hear ‘Warning: excessive wind occasion’ and I used to be like ‘wut’ after which I’m getting thrown into the sky.”

Veteran gamers are impressed by the brand new storms and climate occasions; they modify the sport, and the distinctive expertise of being swept up in heavy winds or witnessing a mass of storm clouds and lightning, are the spice that makes exploration definitely worth the ready and downtime. “Storms (and new landscapes) are positively one thing I’ve gone out of my method to seek for,” wrote JC Hysteria, who has racked up lots of of hours within the sport. “This replace introduced a brand new life to the sport. It’s excellent for each explorers and builders alike.”

Different gamers have skilled storms which can be exterior the norm, and are filming them in an try to find out whether or not that is an meant function or just a trippy bug.

What makes these storms much more intriguing is that they’re unattainable to foretell. Gamers are nonetheless looking for the methods to seek out the perfect (and most photogenic) storms. JC Hysteria says he’s been establishing camps on planets and ready for a storm to roll in, simply to see the way it unfolds: “I’ve been touchdown on planets checking the climate sort to see if the planet is famous for ‘excessive. storms. If that’s the case, I’ll keep and anticipate the storm to see if it has one thing new to supply.”

There’s one other enchantment to storms and climate occasions — they’re non permanent. If one participant finds a planet with fairly grass, cool bubbles, or a beautiful sky, anybody can go discover it. However a sudden storm is an natural occasion that may’t be replicated simply. It feels extra private, and any photographs or footage really feel extra onerous gained. It may well require looking out and ready, however some No Man’s Sky gamers are wonderful with that sacrifice so long as there’s a brand new storm to chase.

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