Nancy turns into more and more satisfied she was kidnapped as a toddler. When she meets a pair whose daughter went lacking thirty years in the past, affordable …

20 thoughts on “Nancy

  1. I think they did give the answer. After the phone call , before the hunting accident was the first time stopped talking like it was Nancy and started saying when Brook disappeared. They all knew but Nancy decided to stop playing the role? Best I can get out of it. Very slow burn movie though.

  2. So what do you all think is happening when she drives away? I'm autistic, so I don't know sh*t about indirect communication. Please, it's crushing me.

  3. This movie was pretty pointless
    Feel like I wasted my time . Waited for it to get interesting but never did

  4. What a wicked bitch. She's no victim- she's the victimizer. Crazy cat lady…
    In the credits, you can see that it's 80+% female.

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