Must you play Elder Scrolls On-line with out the expansions. [ESO Base Game Review]

Are you considering of shopping for Elder Scrolls on-line? This video will assist you decide if the sport is best for you. I’d like to reply if ESO is value shopping for …

42 thoughts on “Must you play Elder Scrolls On-line with out the expansions. [ESO Base Game Review]

  1. My cousin and I just saw the base game at Game stop for 5$ and are currently waiting for the almost 70G update to install. Looking forward to playing it and also, nice video.

  2. Beautifull huge game tons of quests love the music score well worth it and u dont need to sub games still awesome without a sub endless content games awesome

  3. I was wondering about picking this game. But when i saw this poor HUD and ammount of skills in hotbar i'd rather stay in my lovly Guild Wars 2

  4. In pvp open world, it’s painfully laggy with large and sometimes medium battles, I catch myself dying by loading screens, during combat!? Certain parts of keeps are invisible at times and textures are insanely bad when it’s laggy at times and the stuck in combat glitch, which doesn’t let you mount,fast travel,change gear,change skills, and worst of all, it’s doesn’t even let you log off because your stuck in “combat”, which your clearly not in combat, i really don’t recommend this game pvp wise, but pve works smoothly with the exception of certain bugs and glitches, it’s very playable and enjoyable unlike pvp

  5. I think people should def get this game its fun to play longterm but you must take breaks or else you'll

  6. This game is a very solid MMO, if you've wanted to play an MMO but find all the class systems and roles of other games like WoW or Final Fantasy 14 chafing then this is a perfect place to start. You have classes for sure, but you aren't bogged down to specific roles. This is great if you are a solo player, because if you just want to progress through the story and explore the world you totally can do that without being forced into doing instances or needing another player to get through certain sections. For instance the "Templar" class in the game is the Healer role, but unlike other games where if you are a healer, you dont really do much in the way of damage, you can kit yourself up in heavy plate, grab a battle axe and mix and match skills you make yourself a menacing barbarian that can heal your teammates whilst still throwing yourself into the frontline.

    The free to play/subscription/premium store balance is also very refreshing. Aside from the expansions that add new areas and classes – you aren't pressured into "buying-in." There are advantages to subscribing as mentioned in this video, the crafting bag, free crowns for the store etc – but nothing to give you unfair advantage over a free player. About 90 percent of the Premium content is cosmetic like costumes and little baubles to show off and roleplay. The only really questionable store content is player housing which a mansion replete with all the furnishings you want to decorate it would set you back nearly as much as a real life house. A candle – a single candle costs around 400 crown points. That's about 4GBP or roughly 5 dollars. You can get room packs for about 4000 crown points – but at the end of the day you are better off spending the money on buying a real life mansion. This is all optional however and you can open up the player housing to your friends and guild to put in to the project to spread the cost.

    If you are a fan of the main series – you may like this MMO, but it's not just "Skyrim Online" – there are a lot of differences and that put a lot of people off at launch looking for that. It feels, sounds, looks and smells like an Elder Scrolls game at its core, but the mechanics are a little different and require a bit more patience than say Skyrim where from day 1 you are killing trolls with your bare hands and shouting dremora across lakes.

  7. The world and the story in this game were always pretty good, the combat and general aesthetics of the gear is kind of garbage though which kills your desire to progress. I mean end of the day these games tend to boil down to do you have fun killing stuff, be it players or NPC's and chasing that cool looking gear. For me the combat is kind of boring so I don't have fun killing stuff and their lazy approach to gear is quite honestly among the worst in any MMO running right now. Even WoW, with it's dated graphics some how manages to produce gear sets that still look cool within the confines of their outdated engine; can't say the same for ESO.

  8. Seeing how GARBAGE wow has become, this might be my new mmo, even tho im fucking burnt out on mmos….same loop, diffrent skin.

  9. Don’t forget to add that you will never be near the top of the leaderboards if you start playing now. I have over 1000 hours in eso and started playing a year after it came out and still not at max level. They add 30 champion points every doc that comes out. Good luck

  10. yo dude, i really enjoyed the video. I actually got some really good insight into the game. also thanks for going into detail about the subscriptions that are in the game, i understand it nowl lol.

  11. An update made me not have enough space to keep the game on my computer no matter how much I deleted and I'm so excited to finally play again after months because I'm installing it on my portable hard drive.

  12. I came to the game twice in pre-expansion era but left. It just felt like it was missing something. I came back with Morrowind and haven't looked back. Easily my favorite game with the best MMO community.

  13. Quick question i have the game and i want to start a new character do i have the buyed stuff fash mount etc on that new toon too or this only can have rhe old one? Thx for answer

  14. I feel like the pricing model for this game is confusing, off putting, and prevents new people from getting into it. modern mmo's should do the 10-15$ a month, and that should just give u access to everything. I dont even mind paying 50$ for the game, then 10 to 15$ after that. but looking at the steam store and hearing people asking questions about it – it just seems convoluted and not conducive to getting people to dive in

  15. How do the expansions work? If I buy the upcoming Elsweyr physical copy for Xbox, will I have all the expansions or just that one?

  16. Played the game since the day it came out, up until 6 months ago. If you want end game pve, you're gonna be paying a lot considering end game pve gear is locked behind dlc. For pvp, dont even bother if you're on console or want to be a solo player. 1vx used to be so fun, but it's nearly impossible with how heavily they fucked sustain. But you'll still love every second of it.

  17. I've been wanting to try this game for years and now that Elsweyr is coming out i want even more ,
    Great video this helped me decide!

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