Methods to repair no web after home windows replace

No Web connection after a home windows replace is commonly attributable to Norton or McAfee Antivirus applications. This tutorial reveals tips on how to begin home windows in secure mode …

15 thoughts on “Methods to repair no web after home windows replace

  1. I've watched so many different videos and tried so many different things, and I stumbled across your video and uninstall comodo antivirus, and now I finally have internet again!!!! what antivirus do you recommend I get?

  2. Daam you are the best, been trying for days and did everything possible, all the windows updates. watched 50 million youtubes but nothing. but but … as soon i removed the norton son of a Bit…. internet started to work. NO Shi….. you are NO ONE….

  3. I know this video is 3 years old, but I'm having virtually the same problem upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10. After the upgrade the LAN doesn't work any longer, I can't even reinstall the driver because the LAN controller cannot be found by the drivers. and I have Avast Anti-Virus software installed. So I'm going to try this,

  4. Uninstalling Norton worked great only thing I had trouble with is that whenever you restart your computer in safe mode you need to reconnect to a active network kind of a stupid thing to not notice but it took me about 15 minutes before I realized why I still coudnt get access the a browser in safe mode. once that was done smooth sailing uninstall restart BOOM shes fixed. for now….. 

  5. Thank you! This was driving me crazy. Uninstalled the Comast version of Norton and immedately regained Internet Access. Have since reinstalled Norton and am having no problems. Will copy my passwords that were saved  by the Norton took and then uninstall it and find some else. Over the years, have had trouble with both McAfee and Norton. Not worth it.

  6. So let's see, I've used Norton 360 for years and it is free through my cable company, and it works great in protecting not only my computer but all my logins and passwords. Now Microsoft update has messed up my internet connection, and your recommendation is to uninstall Norton, and leave my computer with no antivirus protection. So, are you a hacker?

  7. For Norton, just open the security suite and click on the SUPPORT tab. It will automatically run a connection diagnosis and fix the problem automatically. It takes 3 minutes with no uninstall required. This may be a new feature, so it is not to discredit the video poster.

  8. I went to multiple websites, hours of deleting , back up etc hours hours hours and I stumble across this and waaalahhh fixed in minutes thank you thank you thank you

  9. Norton 360 was the problem for me. My wifi crashed after a windows update july, 2013.Removed NORTON and now my PC wifi works again. He is right…don't ever buy NORTON…unless you want theses problems.

  10. I have tried so many websites with no luck for over 2 days! You have solved my problem in 6 minutes!!! If I could hug you I would!!!

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